Toyota Qualis clocks over 8 lakh kms without any engine issues

Qualis was one of the first model that Toyota has launched in India. This Japanese MPV quickly gained popularity among buyers in both private and commercial sectors. It competed with cars like Mahindra Bolero and Tata Sumo in the segment. Toyota India had launched Qualis in 2000 and in 2004 it was discontinued and replaced with Innova. Toyota Qualis has now become a very rare car to be spotted on road but, there are still some well maintained and modified examples of the same in different parts of the country and we have featured some of them on our website as well. Here we have a video that shows a Toyota Qualis that achieved an incredible feat. This Toyota Qualis featured in the video below has completed over 8 lakh kilometers on odometer with no major engine issues.

The video has been uploaded by Nippon Toyota on their YouTube channel. The video shows Mr. Regi Mathews who owns this Toyota Fortuner. He was one of the first owners of Toyota Qualis when it got launched in 2000. The owner had bought this Qualis from Nippon Toyota which is a well known dealership network in Kerala. The Qualis seen in the video is over 20 years old.

We will admit that, over these years the Qualis did loose some shine. The paint had started to fade and the headlamps and tail lamps have also starting looking old. It is not one of the best looking Toyota Qualis that we have seen on the internet but, it has achieved an incredible feat that no other Qualis in the country has achieved so far. The Qualis seen in the video has completed over 8.22 lakh kilometers and even after so many years, almost everything on this vehicle is still functional.

Toyota Qualis clocks over 8 lakh kms without any engine issues

This is one of the main reason why we have featured this Qualis on our website. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that, during these 20 years, the owner has only done regular maintenance that is required for the car. No engine work is done to the car so far. We all know that Toyota’s are known for their bullet proof engine when it comes to reliability. We have seen several Innovas and Fortuners that have completed couple of lakh kilometers on the odometer and are still going strong.

Mr. Regi Mathews, who is a businessman mentions that he owns couple of other vehicles but, Qualis remains his favourite and still uses it for his daily run. He mentions that one the reason why likes Qualis is because of its ride quality and comfort. He also mentions that in these 20 years, he has only serviced the vehicle through an authorised service centre only. Even after completing 8 lakh kilometers on the odometer, it looks like the car still has plenty of life left in it.

The owner is pretty impressed with the overall experience of owning the Qualis. This achievement is not limited to Toyota vehicles, we had featured a Tata Indica diesel that had completed over 5.85 lakh kms without any engine work in Kerala. Toyota Qualis was powered by a 2.4 litre diesel enigine that generated 75 Ps and 151 Nm of torque. It was available with a manual gearbox as standard.