Meet the Toyota Qualis that’s been driven 8 lakh kms

Toyota has been in the Indian market for over two decades. The first product to be launched by the Japanese car maker in India was the Qualis. It turned out to be successful product and was equally loved by both private and commercial segment car buyers. Toyota Qualis competed with the likes of Mahindra Bolero and Tata Sumo in the market. Toyota Qualis was discontinued and was replaced by another model named Innova which turned out to be another successful product. Although, you rarely see a Toyota Qualis on road these days, there are decent number of Qualis working without any problem even today. Here we have one such video of Qualis owner who has clocked over 8 lakh kms on his MPV.

The video has been been shared by Nippon Toyota on their YouTube channel. Video introduces us to Regi Mathews, who is an interior designer by profession. Regi had bought his Qualis back in 2000 from Nippon Toyota and was one of the first customers of the newly set up dealership.

As seen in the video, the first generation Qualis is definitely showing its age. The paint of the Qualis has started to fade away at places. It may not be the best example of a well kept Qualis in the country but, everything on this car is still functional. The owner of this car has maintained the car well. What makes this Toyota Qualis special is its odometer readings. This particular Toyota Qualis has done over 8 lakh kms on the odometer. 8.22 lakh kms to be precise. The reading shown here is of the time when the video was made, it may have done much more after that.

Meet the Toyota Qualis that’s been driven 8 lakh kms

What makes this even more special is the fact that the owner managed to achieve this feat without any problems in the engine even once. Regi Mathews mentions in the video that he has doing all the servicing at Toyota’s authorised service centre only. The Toyota Qualis is working fine and the car still has plenty of life left in it. Toyota’s are known for being reliable and this Qualis is a prime example of the same.

Regi Mathews mentions that he has couple of other vehicles in his garage but, he has a soft corner for Qualis and still uses it for his daily run. He really likes the ride quality and seating comfort of this MPV. Regi is very impressed with the Qualis as a product and also the aftersales and services.

Toyota Qualis was powered by a 2.4 litre diesel engine that generates 75 Ps and 151 Nm of peak torque. A petrol engine was also available on offer. There are several Toyota Innova’s and Fortuner’s in India that have clocked lakhs of kms on odometer and are still running without any major problems. If you want to have a longer life for your cars engine couple of simple steps can be followed. Regular servicing is a must and never skip one. Driving the car less aggressively means you are not putting too much pressure on the engine and can work without a problem for longer period of time.

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