Toyota recalls some Corolla Altis and Camry models for faulty power window switch

Toyota is issuing a voluntary recall for some Corolla Altis and Camry models in India to inspect and fix a faulty power window switch.

This recall covers about 8,700 vehicles of the Toyota Corolla Altis and Toyota Camry models. Owners of Corolla Altis models made between July 2008 and December 2008 will need to take the car in to the nearest Toyota dealership from November onwards to have the power window master switch inspected. This recall also applies to Toyota Camry models made between September 2006 and July 2008.

Toyota recalls some Corolla Altis and Camry models for faulty power window switch

Toyota says that the power-window master switch in these cars may have become hard or inoperative over the years and will need to be replaced. This happens due to wear and tear over time of contact points in the power-window switch assembly.

Owners of vehicles of these model years will get a letter from Toyota to have the car inspected. If the switch is found to be faulty, it will be replaced free of cost and the whole process should take under an hour, according to Toyota.

This is a part of a global recall of Toyota vehicles, to ensure Toyota keeps up its reputation for quality and reliability. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers had issued a voluntary code of conduct to carmakers in India to recall vehicles with defects. However, not many have taken this up, fearing a backlash or dent to their reputation. Also read: Maruti fixes Swift braking problem

Maruti recently had an issue with the Swift’s brakes but have not issued a recall. Instead the company is acting only on specific complaints. Tata also “retrofitted” a heat shield and starter motor assembly in the Tata Nano, but did not call it a recall. Mahindra has over the years “retrofitted” wiring harnesses, heat shields and clutch assemblies in its vehicles, but not called these as recalls. These fitments are done at the time a customer brings a vehicle in for service. Ford had recently recalled cars for suspension and steering fixes. Also read: Ford recalls some Classic and Figo cars

It is a good move on Toyota’s part to proactively issue a recall, even though the part in question here is not critical to vehicle operation or safety. It just helps earn goodwill with its customers.