Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder modified, and called the Grand Ryder [Video]

The car modification scene in India is picking up pace in the country and a ton of new car owners are now modifying their cars. One of the most common types of modification is aesthetic modification and a ton of people are now doing it. For these types of modifications, buyers often get the cheapest or the most value-for-money variants of popular cars and then get after-market accessories to make them better or as good as the top-end variants of the same models. Recently a video of one such modified Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder was shared on YouTube.

The video was uploaded by Vig Auto Accessories on their channel. This channel is famous for uploading some of the most unique modifications of popular cars in the country. In this most recent video, the presenter of the video who is also the owner shared the modifications done to a Silver Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder. The video starts with beauty shots of the vehicle from all angles. The beginning of the video also shows the before and after shots of the mid-size SUV.

Following the introduction, the owner of the shop starts with a description of the car and lists all the modifications done to the car. He tells that they have dubbed this car as the India’s first Grand Ryder which is the combination of names of the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara and Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder. He states that they have named it the Grand Ryder because the car features some of the most unique modifications that have not been done in any Hyryder in the country.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder modified, and called the Grand Ryder [Video]

He reveals that the first modification that they have installed in this car are the 18 inch alloy wheels. He tells that he had two options in terms of alloy wheels for this SUV which were Grand Vitara’s factory alloy wheels and Toyota Hyryder’s factory alloy wheels. He stated that the cost of both alloy wheels were Rs 11,000 and Rs 13,000 respectively. Following this he added that he then suggested the owner of this vehicle that she should not go with any of these wheels and instead go with the Hyundai’s flagship SUV Tucson’s wheels which have previously been featured on his Creton models videos.

After the alloy wheels, the presenter then mentions that they have also installed higher power LED lights into the LED DRLs of the SUV to enhance the brightness. He then tells that they have also installed accessories like the roof rails, door visors and lower window garnishes as well. Finally the presenter opens the doors of the car to reveal the all-new interior of the car. He tells that they have completely refinished in the interior high quality leather. he states that they have added, piano black elements as well cushioning to the door panels of the SUV as well. He finally shows the fitment of the seat covers and tells that they have also perforations in them as well.


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