1 crore rupee Toyota Vellfire luxury MPV overturns at high speed: Passengers escape with minor injuries

High-speed road accidents seldom leave any survivors. However, this Toyota Vellfire accident that caused it to overturn multiple times on the highway has come with a surprising result. The incident happened in Shimoga, Karnataka and here are the details.

There are no explicit details of the accident. What we know from the locals on social media is that the Toyota Vellfire was travelling at a very high speed when the accident took place. The vehicle was crossing Shimoga on the highway when the driver lost control of the luxurious MPV. It then hit a Chevrolet Spark and overturned.

The pictures and footage of the car after the accident shows how badly the vehicle is damaged. There are screech marks on the sides and even on the top of the vehicle. Also, all the airbags in the car are open including the side and curtain airbags.

There are no details on the number of passengers present in the car. However, as per the reports, all the passengers came out of the car without any major injuries. None of the passengers got serious injuries.

High speed can be dangerous

1 crore rupee Toyota Vellfire luxury MPV overturns at high speed: Passengers escape with minor injuries

High speed on public roads, especially in India can be very dangerous. The government and the authorities decide the speed limit of any road after doing a proper design survey and not following the same can lead to consequences.

Most Indian roads are not designed to handle high-speed vehicles. While the Union Ministry is talking about increasing the speed of the expressways, the condition on most highways cannot sustain such high speeds yet.

Also, the road using habits where most people do not give way to others and try to cross the road in an unsafe way leads to many accidents. This is why reducing the speed is always recommended. At high speeds, the visibility becomes poorer and it also gives much less reaction time compared to the slower speed. If a stray animal or cattle starts to cross the road in front of the vehicle, the driver at a higher speed will get a much less reaction time compared to the driver that is driving at a slower speed.

Toyota Vellfire safety

1 crore rupee Toyota Vellfire luxury MPV overturns at high speed: Passengers escape with minor injuries

The Vellfire, which is a luxury MPV comes with seven airbags as standard. It also gets ABS and Brake Assist to help during the panic situation. The Vellfire also comes with Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM), which is a safety feature management. It works by integrating all the features like ABS, Traction Control, stability control and more to keep the vehicle safe.

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