Toyota Yaris runs over kid who miraculously escapes! Caught on dash cam (Video)

Children running across the roads is a common problem in many countries including India. Here is an incident that shows a child running across the road hit by Toyota Yaris. The car then ran over the kid. Here is what happened.

The incident is not from India. It is likely to be from Indonesia or Thailand. The dashboard camera footage shows two mothers coming out on the road with their two kids. One of the kids then starts to run across the road. A Toyota Yaris ran over the kid. However, the child seems to be alright and he got up quickly and ran back to his mother. It seems like the ground clearance of the Toyota Yaris saved the child and he was not hurt.

We can see another vehicle parked on the road, which blocked the view of the driver of the Toyota Yaris. The driver definitely did not see the kid running across the road as his view was blocked by the parked vehicle. Similarly, the kid must not have seen the vehicle due to the parked vehicle.

Another incident occurred in Malappuram, Kerala last year. In a video captured at the scene, an empty road could be seen with no vehicles in sight. Suddenly, a child ran across the street. As the child crossed, an autorickshaw appeared in the frame and attempted to avoid hitting the child by taking a sharp turn. Unfortunately, the auto driver lost control of the vehicle and it overturned.

Midway through the incident, the child panicked and turned back. Thanks to the quick thinking of the autorickshaw driver, a major accident was avoided. A passenger was inside the autorickshaw during the time of the incident, but reports indicate that the passenger managed to escape without any injuries.

ADAS can avoid such accidents

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) – a feature that is available with ADAS can avoid such accidents. The system uses radars and cameras to keep an eye on such unexpected movements and applies the brakes as soon as it notices a pedestrian. But it is important to keep scanning the roads for such movements.

Darting across the road, as the kid did in the video, is extremely reckless and could lead to fatal consequences. As drivers of cars and motorcycles, it’s crucial to take necessary precautions while passing a parked bus, such as scanning the underside of the bus for any signs of movement, particularly legs. This can help avoid unpleasant surprises like the one experienced by the truck driver in the video.

It’s essential to reduce your speed when you spot a parked vehicle. Slowing down can be beneficial, particularly if you need to brake suddenly or make rapid changes in direction.

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