Toyota's eco-friendly Prius coming to India in Jan 2017

Toyota’s eco-friendly Prius coming to India in Jan 2017

Toyota has been at the forefront of hybrid technology for a long time. The Prius is pretty famously known for being an eco-friendly and tree hugging car. The same was introduced in India a few years back, however at the steep Rs 30 lakh price point, it didn’t see a lot of buyers. Now though, the market has changed with the coming in of the Camry Hybrid and the Accord Hybrid and people are now open to hybrids.


Toyota, in an event yesterday revealed that the all new Prius will be launched in January 2017. The vehicle made its debut at the 2016 Delhi Auto expo. They currently have something called the ‘Toyota Caravan’ going on where they are showcasing and talking talking about vehicle safety and alternative sources of energy (hybrids, etc).

The Prius, which is in its forth generation, will be leading that charge. The vehicle was globally unveiled in Japan last year. The new vehicle has been very radically designed and the looks may not be to everyone’s liking. The vehicle is powered by a 1.8 liter Atkinson engine coupled with an electric motor. While the petrol engine churns out only 96 Bhp and 142 Nm, the electric motor produces 71 Bhp and 163 Nm. Where this car shines is in the ‘Kitna Deti Hai’ mind set, returning close to 40 kmpl as per claimed figures.

On the inside, the vehicle features very funky interiors with a large 4.2″ digital display, coloured heads up display and a floating C-pillar that improves visibility, something that is unique to the Prius.


The Prius, when introduced in India next year will be priced between the Rs 30 and 40 lakh mark. Though it has no outright competitor, the price point will see it compete against its own sibling, the Camry hybrid and the Accord hybrid. While the Camry hybrid appeals more to the rear seat passenger, the Prius will appeal more to those who are looking for an eco-friendly vehicle to drive themselves. The other advantage that the Prius has is that it stands out as a unique offering, something that will bring in people will like.