Toyota’s first compact SUV for India is a Creta rival

Toyota has been working hard on their Indian line-up lately, and according to a report in AutoCarIndia, the Japanese giant is working to bring in a new vehicle to the Indian shores. Toyota, it seems, is all set to challenge the Hyundai Creta, with a brand new compact SUV, called the CH-R. Let’s find out what is it all about.

The CH-R

Toyota’s first compact SUV for India is a Creta rival

It stands for Coupe High-Rider, and it is Toyota’s first ever compact SUV in the world. When the concept of compact SUVs is becoming popular around the world, the Japanese automaker also jumped in the race with the CH-R in 2014 when it was shown as a concept model.

A couple of years later, Toyota revealed the car completely, and it turned out to be a stylish, futuristic design. The car is based on Toyota’s latest platform TNGA (Toyota’s New Global Architecture), that will also form the base of new Prius. The exterior of the CH-R gets a coupe-like design with prominent, and hefty creases running from the A-Pillar to the C-Pillar.

The angular lines on the side of the vehicle along with 18-inch alloy wheels make the CH-R look aggressive, and intimidating even with its small form. The car gets beautiful sweptback headlamps, a small grille and a prominent Toyota logo in the middle. The Japanese giant has been working on futuristic design language, and its shows in their vehicles like new Camry, Corolla, etc., the CH-R will imitate the similar body language of looking aggressive.

Toyota’s first compact SUV for India is a Creta rival

Show me what’s inside

Toyota’s first compact SUV for India is a Creta rival

The CH-R gets stylish interiors synchronised with the exterior design. The car gets an all-black, futuristic dashboard with striking blue accents and leather trim. There is an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which gets modern updates like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There will be enough premium features like ambient lighting, leather seats, automatic air conditioning and more. The centre console is tilted towards the driver for giving easy controls to the driver. The system is optimised by incorporating Toyota’s ‘Touch 2’ UI, that makes it easy to operate.


Toyota CH-R will be powered b a 1.2-litre turbocharged engine that will produce around 114 BHP. There will be a hybrid model, that will be fuelled by a 1.8-litre engine that powers the Toyota Prius too. On whether we’ll get a diesel remains unclear for now.

Now tell me the price, please

Toyota’s first compact SUV for India is a Creta rival

Toyota is planning to launch the vehicle at around Rs. 15 lakh in India. Segment-wise it will sit between the Hyundai Creta and the Hyundai Tucson. The base model of the CH-R will be similarly priced to the top-end model of the Creta. Seeing the popularity of the compact SUVs in India, Toyota will actively push for producing the car locally.

If CH-R is built in India, the prices will come down considerably and also; it will be the first vehicle with TNGA platform that will be made in Toyota India’s facility. Toyota’s solid reputation of being reliable in India will considerably help the new model in India. The automaker is expected to bring in the vehicle by mid-2018.

Via: ACI