Toyota’s new car launches and concepts at Auto Expo 2010

14 cars in all, dude, for Auto Expo 2010 from Toyota.

We already know that Toyota plans a grand pavilion this Auto Expo 2010 at New Delhi. The company announced that they would be bringing a total of 14 production and concept vehicles at the Auto Expo. Whatever Toyota does in India will be of much interest – after all, as we have said several times before, Toyota Kirloskar has never made a mis-step in India with their cars. For the full list of new car launches, click Auto Expo 2010: New car launches

Toyota EFC entry family car, their first small car launch at Auto Expo 2010

Toyota’s new car launches and concepts at Auto Expo 2010
Toyota's small cars iQ and Yaris: Now guess what the EFC would look like!

Update: The EFC is now called the Toyota Etios.

This is the most crucial launch for the company. Considering that this Auto Expo is going to be one dominated by small cars, and that the market for the entry level car segment is exploding in India, all eyes would be on the small car launch. What we see will be a prototype – the final product is at least an year away, we think. Would Toyota show something that is close to the production version, and give some hints as to the price of the small car? What we are all pretty sure is that it is not the Toyota Yaris. The engine is likely to be 1200 cc.

The EFC small car will battle for attention with other small cars such as the one from Hyundai, the Chevrolet Beat and the Ford Figo. This is Toyota’s most ambitious venture in India, and the company is targeting 70,000 units production in the first year. Hatchback and sedan versions of the EFC small car will be displayed by Toyota. The car is also planned for export to the BRIC countries, but India will be the main market. According to what we hear, this car would be priced at around Rs 5 lakh, and positioned against the Suzuki Swift and the Hyundai i20. If you want to read a more detailed story, click upcoming Toyota EFC small car for Auto Expo 2010.

New Toyota MPV launch at 2010 Auto Expo

Toyota’s new car launches and concepts at Auto Expo 2010
Toyota Avanza - another photo

We initially thought this would be the Toyota Avanza, to be positioned below the Innova. Now we are not so sure – the new MPV might even be an all-new vehicle. The price would definitely below than that of the Innova, targeting the Mahindra Xylo market. There is precious little information available about the new launch though. Guess we will have to wait for the Auto Expo to begin. Other interesting MPV launches planned for the 2010 Expo are the Nissan NV200 and the new Suzuki Eco. Whether all these would be positioned directly against each other or target different markets is not clear. The Suzuki Eco will possibly be a bit cheaper, as it is a replacement for the Maruti Versa – while our guess is that the Nissan NV200, considering that it is an award winning van, might be priced higher. Then there is the new MPV the Tata Indicruz / Xover, which will also be launched at the Auto Expo. 2010 is going to be interesting for the large people-carrier segment for sure.

Toyota Prius launch

Toyota’s new car launches and concepts at Auto Expo 2010
Toyota Prius launch at Auto Expo 2010

If there is a hybrid car which car buyers in India already have heard about, it is the Toyota Prius. The Prius has been the top hybrid car in the United States for years, and even the recent launch of the Honda Insight hybrid failed to dethrone it. The Prius will now be launched in India as a technology flagship model. The car will be launched in the Indian market at Auto Expo 2010, and will come to India as a CBU. That means a price in excess of Rs 25 lakhs in all likelihood. We think this is the only hybrid car planned for a launch in 2010 in India.

Other Toyota production and concept cars at Auto Expo 2010

This is where things are a bit hazy. Toyota can bring a bunch of concept vehicles to the 2010 Auto Expo – but what would they be? I think we can expect some electrics, hybrids and some semi-supercars.

Production cars from Toyota that will make an appearance in the Auto Expo will include the Camry, the super popular Toyota Fortuner SUV and the Innova (maybe face-lifted). Other vehicles will be the Prado, the new land Cruiser and the Corolla Altis.

Among Toyota concept cars at the 2010 Auto Expo, we expect to see some of these interesting cars: the Toyota iQ, the Yaris and some fuel cell or electric cars.