Track day with my Swift Dzire on the Formula 1 circuit

Cartoq community member Akash Mehan drove his Maruti Dzire at the Buddh International Circuit track day, and shares his experience. 

The Buddh International Circuit is the Mecca of ultimate fun, a place for the ultimate driving experience. I got to drive my Maruti Dzire on this circuit and the experience was priceless!

Track day with my Swift Dzire on the Formula 1 circuit

The day was 17th Feb, 2013. I was up all night, brushing my skills on the F1 2012 video game, and drawing the racing line on blank pieces of paper, just so that I would be familiar with the race track the next morning. This wasn’t easy and my family was concerned about my safety. Also read: Ford Fiesta Powershift on Formula 1 track

I started off from my home in my Maruti Swift DZire. The car was like a part of me, because it’s pure love that I share with that machine. My first drift, first doughnut, you name it – the DZire was my partner in crime. It was my ideal companion for the drive of my life. Getting to the track saw me opening up the Dzire a little on the Expressway as well, reaching the track at 1pm.

After the registration formalities, I parked my car at the entrance of the pit lane. I was in for a shock, because the cars around me were BMWs, Audis and Jaguars. I was a bit disappointed, but I had the heart and went for it. As soon as the gates opened, I was overwhelmed. The track, Sebastian Vettel’s Pit, the SLS AMG Safety car, it was a little too much for a 20-year-old to handle. The excitement was too much. After the driver’s briefing and car scrutiny, it was time to head out on track.

As the hooter sounded we headed out. The track was exactly like the one I had experience in the video game. I had just two things in my mind, keep the line and drive as fast as the car allows. (Of course, I wasn’t going to overtake any car as they were all monsters compared to my little beast.)

Track day with my Swift Dzire on the Formula 1 circuit
Photo: My Swift Dzire vs a Porsche Carrera vs a Skoda Laura

Anyhow, at turn 11 it happened. On my first lap, I spun off! A Volkswagen Polo tried to overtake me from the left. Now overtaking wasn’t allowed at the corners. I panicked, and went into the gravel. I thought my life ended. All the cars were going by, despite the red flags. But all soon stopped and the Mahindra Scorpio rescue car came to rescue me. The marshal took my car behind the circuit to remove the gravel from my car. I got a call from my concerned friends and was happy to be alive. Encouraging me, they told me to go for it again, and I did. Also read: Tata Vista D90 at F1 track

Gaining confidence in my second run, the pleasure returned. I was driving at 150 kmph, taking turns at about 120 Kmph, and in the process, I did overtake a Porsche and BMW 5-Series. My moment of glory! I felt like I was at the podium. Laps went by, and I was in competition with a Skoda Rapid. He overtook me on the straights, but I was better at the corners. Track day with my Swift Dzire on the Formula 1 circuit

It all ended a little too soon though as the chequered flag was waved, but the joy I felt was a million times more. It was indeed a very special day for me!

The next track day is on March 10, 2013 at the BIC. Looking forward to seeing some of the CarToq community members and experts there. Also read: Driving two Lamborghini Gallardos at Buddh International Circuit