India’s first tractor tyred Bajaj Pulsar is absolute INSANITY

Modification of vehicles is illegal in India but there are still many who do some seriously crazy work to their vehicles. In the past, we have seen many crazy modifications on the vehicles and here is one more. Yes, this is a Pulsar 220 with a tractor tyre at the front. It seriously looks insane.

To install the tyre, a few changes have been made to the bike. First of all, the stock tyre was removed and to ensure that a wider tyre will fit in the bike, the customised fork was made. There is no suspension at the front since the stock fork have been removed.

The tractor wheel has been modified as well. To ensure that it fits in the bike, a custom hub was made to put it in the middle of the tyre and then it was installed on the bike. For obvious reasons, there are no brakes in the front tyre. The size of the tractor tyre is not known but it surely is the biggest tyre ever installed on a Pulsar 220.

The video shows them riding on the public roads and also taking the bike on the broken roads. It just goes on every kind of surface without any problem and the rider seems to be controlling the motorcycle well. But be assured that a bike with such a wide tyre is not easy to turn and can be very dangerous on the roads.

India’s first tractor tyred Bajaj Pulsar is absolute INSANITY

The tyre is installed inside a socket and it can be removed at any time. However, the brackets in which the tyre is installed, it seems to be welded and will require a workshop job to be removed. With the massive front tyre, the ground clearance of the bike has also improved by a lot. The ground clearance has increased by so much that the main double stand is now not reaching the ground and it is useless.

Fat tyres on two-wheelers

There are many who have a fantasy for wide tyres and install it in their cars and even two-wheelers. Wide tyres provide better traction, yes but regular commuter-class vehicles do not require extra traction at all. Also, the compound of the tyre can provide an extra amount of grip or traction if you’re looking for it. If you want more traction, then use softer compound tyres.

Fatter tyres can impact the suspension of your vehicle. It also makes the ride much stiffer and much more uncomfortable. Also, fatter tyres can hamper the turning radius of a vehicle. Because fat tyres do not get enough room to move, they reduce the turning radius. The fat tyre reduces the fuel efficiency of a vehicle too. Since the fat tyres are much heavier than the regular stock tyres, the car has to do more work to move them, which uses more fuel.

What’s more? In two-wheelers, fat tyres can create an imbalance, especially if it is tractor tyre. It also becomes very difficult to move the two-wheeler, and the steering also becomes much heavier than the stock. In short, fat tyres only do more damage than good for any vehicle.