Tractor stuck on railway crossing; Rajdhani Express applies emergency brakes [Video]

Days after the biggest railway accident of the decade in Odisha, a vigilant locomotive driver averted another major mishap in the same Jharkhand. A tractor rammed into a railway crossing gate in Bokaro, Jharkhand when the New Delhi-Bhubaneswar Rajdhani was about to cross.

According to the details available at the moment, the tractor crashed into the railway crossing when it was closing down. The tractor got stuck between the gate and the railway track. The locomotive driver just the stuck tractor just in time and applied the brakes. The train stopped just in time to avert any major mishap.

The incident happened near the crossing of the Bhojudh Railway station in Bokaro at 5 PM. The stuck tractor caused a delay of 45 minutes.

Tractor stuck on railway crossing; Rajdhani Express applies emergency brakes [Video]

According to Manish Kumar, DRM, Adra Division, South Eastern Railway

“A tractor crashed the railway gate when it was closing at the Santhaldih railway crossing of the Bhojudih station in Bokaro district. However, the driver of the train applied the brakes and the train stopped, averting any major accident.”

The tractor has now been seized and a FIR has been lodged against the driver. The driver of the tractor fled the spot after the tractor got stuck.

Several such incidents

There have been several such incidents in the past. In a few incidents, trains have hit motorcycles that got stuck in a similar way as well. In another incident, a Hyundai Creta was stuck between the railway line and the automatic crossing gate.

Crossing level crossings in such a manner results in numerous fatal accidents every year. Even these vehicles could have become victims if the level crossing had been narrower. Express trains maintain strict schedules and achieve high speeds to do so. It is difficult and almost impossible to suddenly reduce the speed of a train.

A level crossing can be a hazardous place, and it is essential for every motorist and pedestrian to follow the rules to ensure safety. The level crossing depicted in the video is manned, but there are still many unmanned crossings where such barricades are absent. While the government is working to enhance the safety of these crossings, it is the responsibility of road users to respect the rules and prioritize safety on the road.

Losing patience while on the road is one of the primary causes of accidents. The video demonstrates several individuals attempting to reach the other side of the track before the train arrives. Both bikers and pedestrians display an equal eagerness to cross the railway track and reach the opposite side. A train takes only a few seconds to pass through the crossing. It is disconcerting that for a mere matter of seconds, these individuals put themselves and those around them in danger.

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