Tractor vs 3 Macho SUVs in a Tug of War – Who Wins?

When an SUV gets bogged down off the road, the tractor is usually called for rescue. So, the tractor is an essential fixture in the off roading scene in India and other parts of the world. Now, in a tractor vs SUV tug of war, you’d be expecting that the tractor, with its massive low end torque right off idle will wallop the SUV. Well here are three videos that will make you change your mind.

What gives? Well, it’s all about traction. An SUV, with its four wheel drive system is better placed to lay down plenty of torque on the tarmac, and it doesn’t help that the tractor is rear wheel driven.

And tarmac? Well, this is distinctly un-tractor territory, more so given the fact that tractors feature wheels that are apt for ploughing fields than making drag starts at the strip.

Also, it helps that the SUV has plenty of weight on its front wheels, and with more people aboard, the real also gets heavier, and as a consequence better traction. To give you a better perspective, here’s a tractor in terrain that suits it well, in this case a field of mud. Now watch what the tractor does to the SUV in the tug of war contest.

So, everything boils down to traction, which is why it’s a not an intelligent thing to driving around on tarmac with mud terrain tyres. You’ll be losing loads of grip and in the wet, when you need your brakes to work, god save you. Also, highway tyres on an SUV that wants to get down and dirty on the off road trail is like going to a business meeting in swim wear. Choosing the right rubber for different conditions is imperative.