Trader from West Bengal buys a new motorcycle by paying Rs 1.5 lakh in coins

We have lately come across several videos and reports about people buying brand new two-wheeler and car and decided to pay for the same in coins. We have featured some of these stories on our website as well. Here we have another example from West Bengal where a trader saved Rs 1.8 lakh in coins and decided to buy a motorcycle with the money. According to reports, the trader from West Bengal, Subrata Sarkar started saving money in coins since November 2016.

Trader from West Bengal buys a new motorcycle by paying Rs 1.5 lakh in coins

Subrata Sarkar started saving coins after demonetisation in 2016. Subrata Sarkar, who is 46 year old supplies bidis to local shops in Nadia district of West Bengal. When the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes were demonetised, there was a cash crunch and shortage of currencies of higher denominations. However, it looks like the problem was with banknotes and coins. Subrata said the coins were available in abundance and most of his clients used to pay him using smaller denomination bank notes and coins packed in plastic bags.

He started saving some amount from the payments, that he used to receive from the clients. When he started saving the money, he had no idea on how he plans to spend it. He only knew that he wanted to buy something after he had saved for few years but, he did not know what would that thing be. He continued saving money for almost 6 years and recently when he was passing by two-wheeler showroom, he realised that he can spend the savings on a brand new motorcycle.

Subrata Sarkar shared his idea with his son who is 17 year old. Mr. Sarkar spoke to the dealership staff and they agreed to take the payment in coins. They soon started counting the coins. Counting the amount in coins is a task and Subrata took help from his family members from the same. They arranged the coins in 5 bags containing Rs 10,000 each. Other than these 5 bags, Subrata had coins in two sacks. He hired a rickshaw and went to the dealership to buy his new motorcycle.

Once the coins reached the dealership, the job of the dealership staff started. The coins reached the showroom on a Tuesday and the staff could only finish counting them by Friday. It took almost 3 days for the staff to finish counting the coins. The keys for the brand new motorcycle were handed over to Subrata Sarkar on Tuesday itself. It took five employees to finish counting all the coins. The showroom manager confirmed that the customer had paid around Rs 1.5 lakh in coins. It is not clear which motorcycle Subrata actually bought. From the images, it looks like a Bajaj showroom.

In the past, there have been incidents were a vegetable vendor from Assam had bought a brand new Suzuki Avenis scooter using coins. People have even bought cars using coins. A vlogger bought a brand new Mahindra Bolero MUV using coins and similarly, a man from Tamil Nadu had also bought a Maruti Eeco where he paid Rs 6 lakh in Rs 10 coins.