Traffic cop sweeps road to ensure that motorists don’t skid on loose gravel [Video]

Loose gravel lying on the tarmac road is extremely dangerous, especially for the two-wheeler motorists. While loose gravel is not very uncommon on the Indian roads, the accidents caused by them is also very large in number. In most areas, the authorities do not pay much attention to such loose gravel lying on the road but a traffic police officer from Odisha has gathered a lot of praise after taking action on this loose gravel, which can be a killer.

The incident happened on 17th October when constable Lalit Mohan Rout took a broom in his hand and swept the Sikharpur Square in Cuttack. He wanted to sweep away all the gravels so that the motorists do not skid and cause accidents.

Lalit was present for his duty when he noticed that sand and stone chips are causing trouble to the two-wheeler riders. He then picked up a broom and cleaned the road. He also said that other police officers joined him later and helped him to clean the road properly. The policemen say that at least four lives were saved due to the action by Lalit and his colleagues and their presence of mind.

Traffic cop sweeps road to ensure that motorists don’t skid on loose gravel [Video]

He was also facilitated by his senior police officials for the impromptu actions. His act of sweeping the area became viral on the Internet after a passerby made a video and uploaded it on social media. He gained a lot of appreciation on the social media platforms and the video was shared even by the news outlets.

In most cases, after spotting such things, the policemen report it to the authorities, if at all and then wait for the road repair workers to take action. Taking on-spot action on such things is not something that we get to see regularly on the Indian roads.

Traffic cop sweeps road to ensure that motorists don’t skid on loose gravel [Video]

Poor road conditions like massive potholes, loose gravel, illegal speed breakers, and more can be extremely dangerous to the motorists. There are thousands of accidents that happen on the Indian roads daily and many of them turn fatal. In the past, many two-wheeler rides have got involved in accidents after hitting a pothole and falling in fronts of other vehicles like trucks and buses. While there are no rules to hold the authorities responsible for such poor condition of the roads, one needs to be extra careful while travelling on the Indian roads. It should be noted that everyone should control their speed on the roads as higher speed can lead to more such accidents.

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