Traffic cop who hurled his ‘chappal’ at unhelmeted motorcycle riders SUSPENDED

Regulars here would remember our post on a traffic cop in Bengaluru who hurled his ‘chappal’ at lidless motorcycle riders. Well, the video went viral soon after we wrote about it and there was quite an uproar on the cop’s unprofessionalism. The latest to have emerged on this episode is that the erratic cop has been suspended.

Traffic cop who hurled his ‘chappal’ at unhelmeted motorcycle riders SUSPENDED

Allow me to give a recap of the episode to all of you who missed reading about this incident. A few days ago, a traffic constable on duty on BEL road in Bengaluru threw his footwear on two motorcycle users. Both the rider and the pillion were not wearing helmets and hence, it seems like the cop hurled his ‘chappal’ at the duo in agitation. The video was caught by the dash-cam of a vlogger. Soon, the video went viral and the cop received a lot of flak for the show of unprofessionalism.

Skip to 6:50 for the real action!

As you can see in the video above, the fact that the motorcycle-users weren’t wearing a helmet irked the cop so much that he removed his footwear and threw it at the duo. The cop didn’t even try to warn or issue a challan to the motorcyclist. He simply resorted to this funny, yet unprofessional and downright dangerous act, which the dash-cam of a nearby car ended up recording. Such acts can actually lead to horrific accidents.

The two motorcycle riders have been identified as students. While the students never approached the Police for action against the constable, the erring officer has now been suspended. The ACP of North Division, Bengaluru, has been told to conduct an enquiry. Meanwhile, DCP Traffic (West) Shivakumar has said that a detailed inquiry was conducted as soon as the incident came to their knowledge, and the traffic constable was suspended from his duties.

While the cop’s strange behaviour was totally uncalled for, it’s sad to see two-wheeler users putting themselves at risk by not using a helmet. As per the official figures from 2016, more than 50,000 two-wheeler users lost their lives in road mishaps. Out of these, most deaths were of riders who weren’t wearing a helmet at the time of crashing. Hence, we request all our readers to always use an ISI-approved helmet while using a two-wheeler.

via The News Minute