Two traffic cops in Mumbai fill potholes to ease congestion

Potholes are one of the biggest issues of Indian roads. They were a big reason for congestion in Mumbai, especially near the Mulund toll. When the civil guys did not arrive to fill the potholes, two traffic constables took matters into their own hands. The pictures of both constables filling potholes went viral over the internet.

Two traffic cops in Mumbai fill potholes to ease congestion

The incident happened on Tuesday’s afternoon when there was major congestion at Mulund Check Naka. The name of the police constables is Sanjay Wagh and Sahebrao Chavan. When they reached the spot, they noticed that there are two big potholes in the middle of the road. These potholes were the reason for the traffic jam.

Then the constables passed this information to the control room and also informed BMC T-Ward but there was no one available. They noticed that there was construction work going on for a nearby bridge and there were materials required to fill the pothole was also available. So, they took the debris from the bridge’s construction work and filled the potholes with the debris.

Two traffic cops in Mumbai fill potholes to ease congestion

Traffic police said, “Construction work was going on nearby but no worker was around. The two cops went over the site,  loaded the debris onto a wheelbarrow and picked up a spade. Motorcycles were inconvenienced and our colleagues often face the burnt as we posted on the streets through the day.”

Narendra Talegaonkar, senior inspector of Mulund traffic division said, “We informed the T-ward of the BMC, and told them that if they don’t address the issue, we will be compelled to do it ourselves. On Tuesday when there was a major traffic snarl, our personnel did the needful and got the pothole-filled to ensure there is a smooth vehicular movement.”

Two traffic cops in Mumbai fill potholes to ease congestion

NHAI fines contractors

At the starting of this year, NHAI issued a policy that states that contractors will have to pay penalties for building bad roads. The value of fines will be high and the contractors might get banned if the road quality is not up to the mark. Roads in India on which an accident happens because of bad roads, potholes or any kind of self-sustained damage, then the contractor who built the road and is maintaining it be penalised.

The penalties for the contractors will vary from Rs. 1 Crore to Rs 10 Crores. The fines would be decided by the authority. The contractors would have to fix and pay the expenses for repairing the road. After such fines, the contractor would not get any future road project for the next 3 years.

If an accident is caused by a damaged road then even the consultant that is engaged in such road works will have to face similar punishments. The consultants would also be banned from future biddings. The consultancy firm would be banned for two years and they would also have to pay Rs. 40 lakhs if there is a death that happens because of the roads.


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