Traffic cops SEIZE motorcycle; Load both rider & bike onto tow truck [Video]

Seen below is a video of a rather bizarre incident that took place in Viman Nagar, Pune, recently. Yes, police seizing motorcycles and loading them onto their trucks isn’t uncommon, but what’s strange about this incident is that the cops loaded both the motorcycle and its rider onto their truck!

As per a local newspaper, the local police was seizing the motorcycles parked in a no-parking zone. A young man who was sitting on one of those motorcycles was asked to get off the bike. However, him refusing to do so irked the police officers so much that they decided to load both the motorcycle and the rider onto their truck! While the police officials claim that the motorcycle was impounded only after the young man sitting on it got off the vehicle, the above video, which has been shot by an onlooker, implies otherwise.

This incident took place on 30 March near the Tawa Street Restaurant in Viman Nagar. It turns out that the young guy who was sitting on the wrongly parked motorcycle wasn’t the owner of the impounded motorcycle. It’s said that he had an argument with the police on being asked to get off the motorcycle. Hence, the cops decided to load both the motorcycle and the young fellow onto their truck. It’s also said that the guy was dropped off sometime later.

Speaking on this, Traffic Police Inspector B. G. Misal said,”It is wrong to take action in such a manner. A show cause notice has been given to the sub-inspector present at the time of action. Appropriate action will be taken. Also, if the contractor’s staff is found guilty, action will be taken against them. As per the information received by me, the boy wasn’t the owner of the bike. He was just sitting on it. The sub-inspector said that the boy also misbehaved with the police.”

The owner of the seized motorcycle has been issued an e-challan. As per Nitin Bhujbal from Ajinkya Rickshaw Organization, the contractor’s staff responsible for impounding the vehicles often misbehave with the citizens. He further added that the police should treat civilians with courtesy.

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