Traffic marshal forces biker to clean up after spitting on the road [Video]

Many Indians have this gross habit of spitting on the road. While many do it because of the chewing tobacco and pan masala products, many others just do it out of habit. Well, the spread of COVID-19 has changed the situation and people have started taking personal hygiene more seriously. Here is a video from Chandigarh, where a traffic marshal stops a biker and forces him to clean his spit from the road.

The incident happened at Dakshin Marg near Tribune Chowk where an on-duty traffic marshal waved a two-wheeler rider to stop. He was travelling with his son and the marshal Baldev Singh spotted him spitting on the road 100 metres before the traffic checkpoint. The cops stopped him immediately and asked his minor child to get down. They down pointed at the spit by the biker and told him that he has spotted at a public place.

Following this, the biker was asked to clean the spot with his hands and grass. Baldev Singh, the traffic marshal then got a bottle of water and asked him to clean it properly. The traffic marshal can be seen pouring water over the spot while the biker can be seen cleaning the spit. Baldev Singh can be heard in the camera talking to the minor child of the person and telling him to talk sense to his father. The traffic marshal also said that the biker was apologetic for his behaviour and volunteered to clean the spot.

Traffic marshal forces biker to clean up after spitting on the road [Video]

As per the lockdown rules of the Chandigarh Union Territory Administration, no person can spit at public places. Also, there is a ban on riding with a pillion on any two-wheeler to ensure social distancing. The people present at the spot also said that the child was not wearing a helmet but it is not known if the cops handed them a challan.

It should be noted that soon after the COVID-19 outbreak a blanket ban was put in place in Uttar Pradesh on the sale of gutka and chewing tobacco products. The ban was recently lifted.

Spitting is a major problem in many cities in the country. While metro cities have laws against spitting in the public places and there is a fine for it, most people do not adhere to the laws as there is no one catch them. The COVID-19 virus that spreads through the spit and nasal droppings. This is why masks have been made mandatory for anyone going out in many states. The authorities are working on lifting the lockdown in a phased manner and in the coming times. With the contagious virus, permanent rules will be in place for a better and cleaner future.

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