Traffic offences in India that you DON’T know about

Indian traffic police force is a lot more relaxed when compared to their counterparts in developed countries. There are many laws that will make you cringe in real life. While most of these laws do not get implemented by the cops on a regular basis, they do exist and there are road users who have been issued fines for violating these “unknown” rules.

Cannot block the way in a parking


This is a common problem in many organised parking lots in India. Many car users just leave their vehicles without properly placing them in the parking, which can block the way of other vehicles. Blocking the way of any other car in a parking lot is an offence. One can always call the cops and a fine of Rs. 100 will be issued to the culprit. The rule has been made to ensure that the vehicles do remain blocked in the parking but the fine amount is so low that most people ignore it. Also, rarely people call the cops when they are stuck in a parking lot.

Fine for not having first-aid

First Aid

This is Chennai and Kolkata specific rules and may not be applicable in other states. Failure to provide first-aid to any of the occupants in the car when an accident happens, the driver can be fined Rs. 500 or can be awarded a jail term of up to three months. This rule was implemented to make sure that every vehicle gets a first-aid kit, which is mandatory to be sold with every new two-wheeler and four-wheeler in India.

Smoking in car

Smoking In Car

Yes, smoking in the car when it is in the public areas is illegal in Delhi and NCR. Even if the vehicle is parked at a public place and the occupants are found smoking, the cops can issue a fine for up t Rs. 100. The rule is to discourage people from smoking in public places. Also, smoking can distract the driver, which is why the rule was devised.

Borrowing a car

Friend's Car

This rule is only valid in the Chennai city. According to the rule, if you want to borrow a friend’s vehicle, the owner should be well aware of the fact. If you the cops catch someone driving a friend’s or relative’s vehicle and find out that the owner does not know about it, the Chennai Police can award a jail-term for three months or Rs. 500 fine according to the rule. This rule was made to prevent car thefts as many people get away by saying that the vehicle belongs to a friend during regular police checking for documents.

Installing a TV

Tv In Car

This is the latest fashion in the age of the touchscreen infotainment systems. Many people install aftermarket systems that can play video on the go. In Mumbai, installing a TV or any video playing device on the dashboard of a vehicle is illegal and a fine of up to Rs. 100 can be slapped on the violator. Watching a video or any other thing distracts the driver and can cause accidents. OEM devices are linked to the vehicle’s ECU or the handbrake and do not play videos while the vehicle is on the move.

Leaving the car on idle

Delhi Traffic 1

Leaving the car on idle can get you a fine of up to Rs. 100 in Mumbai. So if you are at a traffic signal or parked at a roadside and the vehicle’s engine is on, you can be fined by the cops. This rule is to ensure that the drivers learn to save fuel and turn off the vehicle when not in use.

Giving a lift to unknown people

Giving Lift

Giving a lift to unknown people is a major offence in India. If you give a lift to a stranger, your vehicle can be seized for using it as a taxi. One cannot give a lift to random people standing on the road. This rule protects the car occupants from looting and also ensures that no one uses their private vehicles for commercial use.