Traffic Police now ‘Awarding’ special notice to car owners with huge pending fines

Ever since the e-challan system has been adopted by the traffic police of various states, there have been several cases of huge challan backlogs and other such things. the most bizarre element in these cases is that mostly the owners don’t even know that they have pending challans on their cars. Just a few days back, we brought you a case where a cop took a selfie with an XUV500 before slapping it with Rs. 35,760 pending fine. Now, a similar case has come into light where a traffic police inspector issued a notice to a car owner who had massive pending challans on his car, going over Rs. 38,000. The Cyberabad traffic police posted a picture of the same on their Facebook page.

Traffic Police now ‘Awarding’ special notice to car owners with huge pending fines

The caption read :

Traffic Inspector of Miyapur Traffic PS issuing notice to the car owner whose car has a pending challans worth more than Rs. 38,000.
CTP urges citizens to check the e-challan pendency status of their vehicles regularly to avoid ‘shocks’.

Across various states of India, traffic police have adopted the new e-challan system for its convenience and ease of operation. The e-challan system was brought to curb corruption as well as maintain and enforce road safety rules and regulations. With this method, the police can use the video surveillance footage from the CCTV cameras mounted atop poles on roads and issue challans to the offenders, digitally. The offences for which one can be issued an e-challan are the same as for which the regular challan was given. This includes parking the vehicle in no parking zones, waiting at no waiting zones, going against the flow of traffic, jumping the red light and crossing the stop line during the red light among many other offences.

Electronic challan for overspeeding is also issued in many states across the country. This is possible where advanced security cameras have been installed that automatically detect the speed of the vehicle and capture the picture of the same if found crossing the speed limit. The pictures are then sent to the Police control rooms and the pictures contain the registration number of vehicles and a challan for the same is then issued by the police. To prevent any such pileup of challans, one should regularly check the websites of the traffic police departments.

These websites are different for every state. What one has to do is to open the website and enter the registration details of their vehicle. If there is any pending challan, it will be displayed there along with the name of the offence committed and a picture of the vehicle in most cases. Nowadays, cops check for previous fines whenever they stop a vehicle for any offence and as in the case here, the pending fines could result in a massive pileup. Also, cops present at the traffic signals randomly put the registration number of any vehicle in their systems to check for any uncleared fine and catch the offender on the spot.