Traffic police BURN headphones of auto drivers [Video]

Operating any vehicle with the headphones on can be a massive hazard and it can lead to accidents. Putting on the headphones and listening to the music or talking on the phone can be dangerous as the mind gets distracted and can miss a few things on the roads. It is illegal to put on the headphones and talking while riding a bike or driving a car but it is very common on the public roads, especially for the drivers of the autorickshaws. Mumbai Police did a special drive to nab such autorickshaw drivers on the Mira Road and then they set fire on the bunch of headphones! Here is what happened.

The police ran the special operation on the Mira Road and targeted all the auto-rickshaw drivers who had their headphones plugged in while driving. The cops started collecting all the headphones from the autorickshaw drivers and amassed a bunch of them. The cops then set them on fire.

The drastic step was taken after the cops tried to implement the rule and asked the autorickshaw drivers not to use the headphones while operating the three-wheeler. However, after the repeated attempts, they got fed up and seized the headphones from the drivers who were found using it.

The video shows policemen snatching the headphones from the autorickshaw drivers and collecting them. At the end of it, the cops set the bunch of headphones on fire. While it is not a wise step to do since it creates a lot of waste and pollution, it did send a strong message to the autorickshaw drivers operating on the stretch and we are sure that the number of such people using the headphones while riding or driving will go down in the future.

Headphones can be distracting

Traffic police BURN headphones of auto drivers [Video]

Our ears allow us to stay alert and the ambient sounds from the road allow the person to spot the vehicles easily on the road and avoid them. However, if the ears are blocked by the headphones, it becomes quite difficult to stay alert. Plug-in type earphones also work as passive noise cancellation and block the ambient sounds. This can be a major problem, especially on the busy roads. One can easily get distracted and can fail to realise the location of the other vehicles on the road.

Listening songs on the speakers keep the ears open and it lets ambient sounds pass through. This is a less distracting way of listening to music. It should be noted that according to the laws, using the Bluetooth devices to answer phone calls is illegal and the cops and fine you for the same. It is always a good idea to stop the vehicle and answer the call if it is too important. Else, just wait till the drive is over to make that phone call.