Traffic police is not allowed to stop your car/bike to check documents: Commissioner

Commissioner of Police, Hemant Nagrale has issued a new circular to the traffic department. The traffic police will not be allowed to harass anyone by stopping unnecessarily, they are also not allowed to check your vehicle unnecessarily. Earlier, the cops would stop the traffic and start checking the vehicle because of which the traffic would increase and it would cause a jam.

Traffic police is not allowed to stop your car/bike to check documents: Commissioner

The circular says, ‘Traffic police will not check vehicles, especially where there is a check block, they will only monitor the traffic and focus on it that the traffic moves normally. They will stop a vehicle only if it is affecting the speed of the traffic.”

The circular also says that the priority should be monitoring and movement of the traffic. The priority is not to stop the vehicles unnecessarily. The traffic cops would still stop the vehicles that are breaking rules and they will be charged by the traffic police under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. Moreover, they are no longer allowed to check the boot of the vehicle. If these rules are not followed and implemented then the senior inspector will be held responsible.

Traffic police is not allowed to stop your car/bike to check documents: Commissioner

Mumbai police says stop checking vehicle documents

Last year a similar order was said by the Mumbai police commissioner, Hemant Nagrale. The order said that the traffic cops could not be stopped just to check the documents. The commissioner said this because the traffic was increasing because traffic cops would stop the vehicle to check the traffic. The order also said that cops would be charged if they are found doing so.

Bengaluru traffic cops to start catching speeding delivery boys

Traffic police is not allowed to stop your car/bike to check documents: Commissioner

There have been several incidents in which the delivery boys have been in an accident. They have also been breaking a lot of traffic rules and regulations. Bengaluru traffic cops have announced that they will now start catching delivery boys that break the rules.

Traffic Police Chief, B R Ravikanthe Gowda said “We will soon start issuing them notices. The problem has become too serious to be ignored. Delivery boys suffer from low concentration levels. We made it clear that they should be given at least 15 minutes more to deliver packages”

The traffic police chief revealed that the delivery guys would often break rules such as driving rashly, riding on the wrong side, jumping the traffic signal, overspeeding, driving on the foot path etc. The riders do this in order to save time. Needless to say that not following all these rules is very dangerous and life risking. The traffic cops will be conducting special drives to catch such delivery guys. They often ride like this because they have to deliver the goods or food in a specific amount of time. If the order gets delayed then it becomes difficult for the delivery guy to complete the daily target.


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