Traffic police officer caught on camera taking a bribe in a unique way

Indian cops taking bribes is not an uncommon thing and most of us who have been stopped by the cops know that. Some cops even try to scare you with big challans and then accept a small bribe in exchange for letting you go. Well, it happens all through India and recently, a lady traffic police personnel was caught in the act while accepting the bribe from two females riding a scooter without any helmet.

The video, which has become viral on the Internet does not identify the female cop or motorists. It is recorded by a person who is just above them. The video shows a group of police officers waiting on the side of the road. A police officer tells something to the lady officer who was dealing with two women on the scooter. The lady officer then makes a gesture to one of the ladies to come close to her and tell her something. Since the video is taken from a good distance, the conversation is not recorded.

Since taking bribe is a crime, the woman officer turns around and looks the other way while the female rider puts a currency note in her back pocket. The value of the note is not known but this has been a common practice all through India. The cops do not take the bribe in their hands due to the fear of a hidden camera or someone recording the act from a distance. Instead, they ask the motorists to put it in their pocket directly while they look away as if they are not involved. This helps them to argue that they did not accept the bribe and it was given to them unknowingly if they get caught or questioned about it.

No official statement has been released by the Pune Police on the matter yet. We are not sure if any action is taken against the officers present at the spot. However, most such cases are dismissed without any proper action against the cops.

Traffic police officer caught on camera taking a bribe in a unique way

This is not the first time that the cops have been caught in the act. In the past, many police officers from different states have done similar things and got away without any kind of punishment or problem. However, it should be noted that offering or giving bribe to the cops or anyone else is also a crime. Since the bribe will be used by the cops for their personal gains and will not be accounted for in the books of the authorities, it is a loss to the government. The amount collected in fines and challans is used to improve the police equipment, pay the salaries and make the life better of the citizens in every way. However, there are many who just want to give a bribe and get done with it.

Always ensure that you get a receipt for the challan amount that you paid to the police. Only after receipt, it is a valid fine payment and not a bribe. If the cops ask for a bribe, insist on getting a challan and if you feel that you have been charged wrongly, take it to the court. Bribing an official is a criminal act and the person doing it can also go to jail.