Traffic policeman stops a cop for not wearing a helmet: Both start fighting [Video]

Often there are videos of policemen flouting the rules on the public roads. Most of the times, no one takes action against them and they move around freely. But there are a few cops who always stand on the right side of the law and go to any length to ensure that they implement the laws properly. Here is a video from Ranchi, Jharkhand, which shows a traffic constable getting into a fistfight with a policeman while trying to implement the law.

The incident happened in Sehejanand Chowk in Ranchi, Jharkhand. The video shows a traffic constable stopping two policemen on a motorcycle. One of the policemen was not wearing a helmet. The policeman sitting as a pillion was not wearing a helmet.

The policeman who was riding a pillion has been identified as Kishore Sharma. After the traffic constable Raju Kumar stopped them for not following the rules properly, the policeman Sharma started fighting with the traffic constable saying that he has no right to stop a policeman like this on the public road. However, the traffic constable did not let him go and asked him to pay a fine.

Post the argument, the policeman started beating the traffic constable. The traffic constable, on the other hand, tackled Sharma and got him to the road. A number of people gathered on the spot and made video clips of the situation. The video clip later became viral on the Internet.

Traffic Superintendent ordered a probe

Traffic policeman stops a cop for not wearing a helmet: Both start fighting [Video]

After the video became viral on the Internet, Jharkhand Traffic SP, Ajeet Peter Dungdung ordered a probe. He has asked the officials to report him the exact details of the incident and he will investigate the matter too. He said that both the law enforcers will be questioned for their conduct in front of the public, on the public roads. DCP is currently preparing a report on the incident. The SP will take action after the report is made available by the DCP.

This is not the first time a policeman was stopped for not following the traffic laws. In the past, many cops have paid challans for not following the traffic rules. In fact, the new Motor Vehicle Act, which was amended recently has made it quite difficult and expensive for law enforcers who do not follow the traffic rules.

According to the new rules, any government official who gets caught for not following the traffic rules will have to pay double the amount. In Jharkhand itself, a policeman was issued a fine of Rs 34,000, which is double the amount for the civilians. The new rule is made to ensure that no law enforcers or government official use his power to not wear a helmet or seatbelt or even jump the traffic signal thinking that no one will issue a challan to them.