Traffic speeds: India’s fastest & slowest cities of 2017

By CarToq Editor

The traffic speed report of 2017 from cab-aggregator Ola is out. Traffic is India has gotten worse, and predictably slower than 2016. Ola found this out by analyzing GPS data from thousands of cabs attached to its platform. With much ado, here are India’s fastest and slowest cities of 2017. And yes, there are couple of surprises here.

Delhi is the FASTEST!


With an average speed of 25 Kph, the national capital trumps other cities in terms of how fast traffic moves. in 2017, Delhi beat 2016’s fastest city Hyderabad. However, Delhi’s average traffic speed has dropped by 1.5 Kph, from 2016’s 26.5 Kph. Hyderabad’s plummet is even more acute, with traffic speed dropping from 27.1 Kph in 2016, to 18.5 Kph in 2017.

Bangalore, as usual, is the slowest city in India with an average traffic speed of just 17.2 Kph. Overall, the average speed at which traffic moves in India has slowed down significantly in 2017, by over 10 %, or nearly 2.7 Kph on an average. It’s about time that the government figures better public transport and other decongestion ideas for India’s big cities.

Top traffic bottlenecks, and how people tried to skip the jam!


Here are a bunch of traffic bottlenecks across Indian cities, which majorly brought down traffic speeds in 2017. People in Bangalore left for office nearly 25 minutes later in 2017, in a bid to skip the rush-hour. In Chennai, people left homes 15 minutes earlier to skip traffic jams.

Delhi’s getting progressive, and has the most ride-shares in India


And this is a really good thing. 1.13 million liters of fuel were saved due to ride sharing on Ola’s platform in Delhi alone. This means nearly 2 million kilograms of Carbon Dioxide were prevented from polluting the national capital’s air. India as a whole, saved 16.1 million liters of fuel and cut down on 9.7 million Kgs of CO2 due to ride-sharing on Ola’s platform. Keep it up, India, and use more of ride-sharing, car-pooling, and of course public transport.

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