Traffic stops for tiger and its cub crossing national highway in Tadoba reserve [Video]

The Tigers of the wild are some of the most majestic animals in the entire animal kingdom and everyone is aware of the fact that they are equally dangerous as well. If not behaved properly in the vicinity of one seen in the wild things could go south very quickly. Big wild cat sightings are not very rare in India although what is rare is seeing one with its cubs on a national highway.


Yes, you heard it right, recently at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve a wildlife sanctuary in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra a wild tiger along with its cub was seen crossing the national highway. At the time of this rare event, all the vehicles and people were stopped to let the tiger move ahead.

A video of this incident was shared on Twitter by Milind Pariwakam. he shared the video with the caption, “Everyday, tigers and other wildlife are endangered while crossing roads around Tadoba. When will NGT orders be implemented fully by @MahaForest @mahapwdofficial On the +ve side, kudos to the crowd management here, maybe by @MahaForest staff like last year?” He also shared a video from a different angle as well.

From the video we can see the tiger and its cub crossing the road peacefully meanwhile the public stopped at both ends watch this happen. The crowd on the highway was controlled by the forest officials of the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. The videos from both angles provide a good glimpse at the wild cat and its little one.

Recently another video was shared on by Susanta Nanda IFS on Twitter where a biker and his pillion rider stopped abruptly in the middle of the road after they saw a tiger crossing the road. The video did not mention the location where this incident happened however it was recorded by a person sitting inside a car.

Traffic stops for tiger and its cub crossing national highway in Tadoba reserve [Video]

The video showed that the car’s driver had stopped when they spotted the tiger. He came to a stop since the tiger was about to cross the street and a car would scare the beast into attacking more people. The bikers following the automobile were unaware that the driver was calmly waiting for the tiger to cross. They passed the vehicle from the right side as they approached at a fair speed. The tiger had already crossed over and was virtually on the opposite side of the road by that point.

The bikers immediately came to a stop after being startled to discover a tiger in the middle of the road. Thankfully the motorcyclist was able to halt the vehicle while keeping a safe distance, but the tiger saw the vehicle and proceeded to approach them. The motorcyclist, who was horrified, pushed the bike backwards with his foot right away. All of this happened quickly. The motorcyclist turned the bike around and rode it back because he was so afraid. Here, the automobile driver’s awareness is also to be commended. He carefully accelerated the automobile to serve as a barrier between the tiger and the bike as soon as he noticed the animal moving in that direction.

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