Trailer truck’s brakes fail on Mumbai-Pune expressway: Driver gains control using another truck [Video]

A truck on the Mumbai-Pune expressway was spotted after a brake failure. The loaded truck was climbing uphill behind another truck. The truck behind had lost its brakes, and the video seems to be showing the truck driver and the trailer driver working together to bring the trailer to a halt safely.


The video shows the truck following another truck uphill. The driver’s cabin of the trailer truck is smack against the rear of the container truck. The drivers seem to be working together, and the driver in front is using his truck to do some ‘body-blocking’ of the trailer truck behind, slowly bringing it to a halt safely.

This part was accomplished successfully.

However, after he comes to a complete stop, the heavy vehicle started to roll back on the highway. Incidentally, there were no other vehicles on the road or this could have become a major accident.

The trucker then gained control of the vehicle by putting it in gear and driving it forward. Such incidents are quite common though, especially in the ghat sections.

Since the truck was loaded, it did require some extra effort to come to a complete stop. The is no information on how the brakes failed but in most cases, not maintaining the vehicles regularly causes such failures.

We get to see numerous vehicles in shoddy, poor conditions on the Indian highways. Most of these vehicles are heavy trucks that are mostly overloaded. Such vehicles which are not fit to be on public roads can become a major problem and can cause accidents too.

No runway ramps in India

Runway truck ramps are a common sight in Europe, USA and many other countries around the world. Such ramps are located alongside the major higways and are designed to slow down the trucks with failed brakes. The ramps are filled with materials like sand piles that slow down the trucks. There are modern mechanical arrestors too. However, sand piles are the most common materials used in these ramps.

Overloading is a major problem

Trailer truck’s brakes fail on Mumbai-Pune expressway: Driver gains control using another truck [Video]

Overloading vehicles is a common problem in India. Most commercial vehicles are overfilled with goods and it becomes a nuisance on the roads. Overloading puts extra stress on the engine too and the life of the engine itself comes down by a great deal. Also, an overloaded vehicle tends to break down more often on the road and needs frequent replacement of critical parts.

While there are mechanisms in place to keep a check on overloaded vehicles, they do not work very well. We get to see many such overloaded trucks and heavy vehicles on the roads that become a great threat to the other motorists on the road.

In the cities where public transport is scarce, people travel in whatever way they can find. Often that way is hanging out from a vehicle due to the very limited numbers of transport vehicles on the roads. It is not uncommon to see men, women and children hanging out to travel on such vehicles on the roads in interior parts of the country.

Such problems cannot be solved until the number of vehicles is increased or new means of transportation are introduced. Also, people need to understand how dangerous it can be on the roads and be aware of the consequences if an accident happens.

Solving the issue of overloading will also solve a lot of issues on Indian highways.

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