Transform your bicycle into motorcycle with this simple yet brilliant device

Ever since the human brain starts to register things, it develops a fascination with wheels. There has been no study done on it but if it becomes a reality someday, no one would be surprise to see above 90% of kids admiring the vehicles on the road. Almost every kid would want to buy a motorcycle when he grows up. This is for that kid, and for teens who can’t ride a motorcycle yet – but would like a hilarious accessory that gives you at least the audio part of the motorcycle experience.

Transform your bicycle into motorcycle with this simple yet brilliant device

Many of us have used this trick: Attaching a card against the spokes of our bicycles, and when the wheel turns, you get a little tik-tik sound. Now an USA based company has come up with a brilliant idea that is called “TurboSpoke Bicycle Exhaust System”. The installation uses the same idea of cards striking the spoke of the bicycle.

There is a real light weight exhaust that amplifies the sound to a much louder level. There are three different kind of waterproof Motocards, that produce different engine sounds when stuck by the spokes of bicycle. The system can fixed on any bicycle with the help of an allen wrench, which is included in the package. Just watch the video!

To fit the system effectively, the bicycle rims should be a minimum of 16-inch. There are three different sound producing in the pack. It can produce an engine sound that is similar to the 2-stroke dirt bikes to heavy sound of V-Twin motorcycles. There is also a third card that can produce a sound in between these two sounds. The company also provides a refill pack to replace the old, less effective sound cards with other ones.

The whole set-up costs only USD 24 or around Rs. 1,650. Sadly, this can’t be shipped to India but with Christmas around, you can surely order these via someone who will land in India soon. Your motorhead kids would be forever grateful!

Shantonil Nag

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