Crashed Mahindra Bolero Transformed Into A Magnificent Beast [Video]

Bolero 4x4 before & after the accident

Many might not know that Mahindra used to offer the Bolero with a proper 4×4 system. Even today, some parts of the country get a 4×4 pickup version of the Mahindra Bolero. There are many examples of modified Mahindra Bolero 4×4 SUVs from different parts of the country. Here we have a video where a Mahindra Bolero that had crashed into a truck on the road was later transformed or modified neatly into a beast.


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The video has been shared by the owner of the Bolero on Instagram. In the first video, we see a Mahindra Bolero 4×4 SUV that was involved in an accident. We checked the Instagram profile of the owner and found that the SUV had crashed into a truck. The front of the Bolero was completely damaged. The right side fender, headlamps, front grille, bonnet, alloy wheels, and tires were all damaged.

The car was towed from the accident spot and was parked outside a workshop. If you look at the video carefully, you would realize that the Bolero had absorbed the impact pretty well and only the front had damages.

The Bolero 4×4 was then taken to the workshop for repair works. As they were already working on the SUV, the owner probably decided to get the whole SUV repainted and give it a different look.

The original color of the SUV was silver. After the accident, the owner decided to give it a deeper shade. The front of the Bolero was completely restored. In the video, we can see that the front grille, fenders, and bonnet were all repaired or replaced. The video doesn’t mention what all damages the Bolero had faced mechanically.


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We do know that one of the wheels on this SUV was broken, and the chances of damaging the control arms and the suspension were pretty high. If you look at the Bolero, it was a modified vehicle. It was modified for off-roading. It got chunky-looking tires, aftermarket wheels to make it more capable.

After the restoration work, more elements were added to the SUV. After restoration, the SUV looks a lot taller than before. It is possible that the new chunky-looking tires and the bronze-colored wheels are helping in improving the stance. The front grille and bumper on this SUV have been blacked out.

Crashed Mahindra Bolero Transformed Into A Magnificent Beast [Video]
Bolero 4×4 before & after the accident

There is a working snorkel and a roof rack too. We see a set of auxiliary lamps installed on the roof. There are graphics and stickers on the rear door and windscreen. It looks like the spare wheel on the Bolero is also of the same size as the other four ones. The whole car is painted in a deep shade of green, similar to what we see in the Scorpio N.

Other than these upgrades, we do not see many changes on the vehicle. It is not clear whether the customer got the interior customized as part of this project or not. This is definitely one of the good-looking modified Bolero 4x4s in the country. It should be noted that modification of any sort is completely illegal, and such modified vehicles should not be driven on public roads as it might get the owner in trouble.