Honda Civic Converted to Lamborghini Aventador Looks Clean [Video]

honda civic aventador

Honda Civics and Accords are among the most commonly used cars for sports car replica projects. We have observed people transforming these sedans into replicas of Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the past. While some workshops do an excellent job, others struggle to execute the idea properly due to various reasons. In this video, Magneto 11 shares footage on his YouTube channel, showcasing the transformation of an older generation Honda Civic sedan into a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

The video reveals a Honda Civic sedan covered in dust. The vlogger notes that although the exterior and interior are dusty, the engine is in good condition. This is a custom project, and these cars are only built to order. The process begins with the preparation of the car. To convert the Civic, they must first chop the roof. They mark the designated area for cutting and use a tool to remove the roof and tailgate. Additionally, the doors of the car are also removed.

Following this, the vlogger outlines the project’s plan to turn the car into a Lamborghini. The front grille, bumper, headlamps, and bonnet of the Civic are removed. As the workshop frequently receives orders for such customizations, they have created molds using fiberglass material to craft front and rear bumpers. However, Lamborghini-style scissor doors are not made with fiberglass; metal sheets are used over the molds to achieve the desired look. After necessary fabrications, including a custom bonnet, the new panels are installed. Even the rear engine cover of this Lamborghini Aventador is made entirely of plastic or fiberglass.

The molds contribute to achieving a uniform finish on the panels and paying attention to the details in the bumpers. The workshop also succeeds in getting the proportions right with the molds. It appears that no wide body kit was installed on this car to achieve the sports car-like stance.

Honda Civic Converted to Lamborghini Aventador Looks Clean [Video]
Civic modified to Lamborghini

In addition to the exterior modifications, the workshop customizes the interior. The car now features a Lamborghini-like dashboard design with an aftermarket touchscreen panel on the center console. The seats are also custom-made and finished in a black and yellow theme, giving it a sporty look. Unlike Lamborghini cars, this sedan is a 4-seater 2-door sports car, with the rear seat of the Civic retained in this case. Similarly, the car still uses the original ORVMs from Honda  Civic with integrated turn indicators in it. The steering wheel is also the same but, it now comes with a Lamborghini logo instead of Honda.

The headlamps and tail lamps are all custom-made units. Once the exterior modifications are complete, a layer of putty is applied to the car, followed by a yellow paint job. The finished product looks impressive, and the chrome-plated multi-spoke alloy wheels with low-profile tires complement the exterior. The car gets Lamborghini branding at the rear and logo at the front, the rear engine cover also gets Lamborghini branding. This project on the Honda Civic was executed by a workshop based in Bhopal, though the exact price and time required to finish the project are not mentioned in the video.