Traveling on a truck loaded onto a train: YouTuber shares unique experience [Video]

Indian railways has is the fourth largest railway network in the world. Many people reading this article might be relying on trains to commute on a daily basis. Other than people, The trains also carry goods for any industries. Many car manufacturers in India use Indian railways to dispatch their vehicles to different parts of the country from the plant. Indian railways is also offering Roll On-Roll Off trains to carry trucks. This has many benefits but, here we have a video where a YouTuber shows how a truck is transported using RORO train.

The video has been uploaded by harry’s vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger is showing the life of a truck driver who is travelling in a RORO train. He was starting his journey from Mangalore and was travelling to Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. The vlogger reached the station at around 6 Pm and the scheduled time for departure was 9 Pm. however by the time, the trucks were loaded and every other process was finished, it was around 3 am.

The vlogger was inside the cabin and he even gives a glimpse of the bed on which he was sleeping in the cabin. The windows are open and their is no AC. The RORO trains were started by the Indian railways in 1990. The main aim was to make interstate travel for truck drivers for efficient. This is less stressful for the drivers and it also more economical. The trains journey had started early in the morning and the vlogger mentions that due to the rocking motion of the trucks parked on the trailers, he could not sleep properly. Same is the case with drivers on other trucks.

Traveling on a truck loaded onto a train: YouTuber shares unique experience [Video]

Once the day broke, he started sharing the scenic Konkan route. There were multiple tunnels in this route but the view is definitely breathtaking. He is carrying food and water with him as there is no catering service and not proper information available on when the train would stop and that too for how many minutes. The drivers could not even use the bathroom as there are none on the train. He mentions that since the train had started from Mangalore, it had not stopped anywhere and it was maintaining a pretty good speed.

He mentions that in order to avoid suffocation, the drivers have to keep the windows down when the truck passes through a tunnel. The cabin gets completely dark when in a tunnel and the sound reflecting through the tunnel and marker lights placed inside the tunnel often gave a weird feeling to the vlogger. The experience is different from what we get while travelling in a passenger train. Soon, the train reached Karwar which is a border City in Karnataka. The train stopped there for few minutes and then continued the journey.

After Karwar, the train reached Goa’s Madgaon station but it did not stop there as it is RORO train. The train moved towards Verna which is an industrial area in Goa and stopped there. The vlogger was informed that the train would be stopped here for at least 2 hours and that is where the video ends. The video shows how basic things like a bathroom is lacking on such trains and how challenging of difficult can it get for a driver during one of these trips.