Delhi – Hemkund Trip in Tata Tiago, By Anurag Sason


I am a hardcore journalist by profession and a wanderer from heart. I have covered north India extensively .

This trip was with my mother. I wanted to show her sublime Badrinath temple. I was the sole driver. I also took her to Hemkund Sahib. I also made a vlog of the trip. The trip to these high mountains are always full of challenges. Badrinath is situated at 11,000 plus feet so altitude itself is a challenge for the man and the machine. However when there’s a will there’s a way. This is my second trip to Badrinath.

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Journalist Anurag Sason
Delhi NCR

Img 20200331 201740

My Tiago all set for the journey from Delhi to Badrinath

Img 20200331 201828
Me and my Tiago in Pauri Garhwal. (Midway between Delhi and Badrinath.

Img 20200331 201805
Me and my mom in Pauri. It was a journey with mom.

Img 20200331 201919
Me and my mom in Badrinath

Img 20200331 201959
Me and my mom in front of sublime Badrinath temple.