Hyderabad-Gandikota Trip In Ford Endeavour, By Nishikant Panda


We covered Hyderabad -Belum caves-Gandikota-Hyderabad in a day, driving for almost 24hours. The trip had everything you could ask for – fun, friends, family and food. When you plan a trip to gandikota do plan to stay there overnight. The Canyon looks amazing during Sunrise and Sunset.

Owk Reservoir

Airavat as I fondly call it, poses over Owk Reservoir just before Belum Caves.

Buddha @belum
As you enter Belum Caves a majestic Buddha statute welcomes you. The statue is on the right.

Img 1707
And you enter Belum Caves. Belum.JPG

The second longest cave line in India.

Img 1770
This is what water can do to rocks over the years.

Fort Entrance
The grand entrance to Gandikota Fort. Inside the fort you have houses where people still live. The fort has its own jail, masjid, temple and grainary.

Clock Tower
Clock tower at the central chowk of the fort.

Img 20181229 162654
And this is where people used to store their grains for future use.

Img 20181229 170325
And finally the this is what Gandikota is famous for. The grand canyon of India.

Sunset @gandikota
A nice sunset and we call it a day.