Khurja-Nainital trip on a Bajaj V15, by Nilotpal Saha

No matter which bike you have, no matter matter how much you have as your budget for bike trip, the only thing that should matter is that you have a heart for a bike trip!

As someone said, “Four wheels move the body; but two wheels move the soul!”

Img 20180421 083317

My first bike trip to Nainital with my childhood friend, really excited for this. He was really scared when he heard about my planned bike trip to Nainital!

Img 20180422 071947

Beautiful morning view of Nainital Lake

Img 20180421 181549

From top view of Tiffin Top

Img 20180422 131109

While going to Ranikhet from Nainital

Img 20180422 135040

Enjoying riding in Ranikhet

Img 20180422 105726

While returning from Nainital to hometown.

After that I went on many bike tours, but my first bike trip is always the most memorable!