Pune to all 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India trip on Royal Enfield Thunderbird, by Abhijit Dey

India is a large country with a heritage and geographical diversity that stands tall as one of the best that this world has. Visiting these sites as a TRAVELER and not as a TOURIST will help protect our sensitive environmental concerns while making India as a preferred destination for foreigners. Indians must explore the beauty of India before they step out as ambassadors of Incredible India.


Kaziranga National Park. The Rhinos and the Roadster. The one-horned Rhinos have been brought back from the brink of extinction. A true Indian wildlife preservation success story.


Darjeeling Heritage Mountain Railway. The timeless magic still going strong. Salute the engineers who made this railway and the engineers who are keeping this heritage alive.


The Jog Falls, Western Ghats. The rich wealth of biodiversity heritage that India holds is enviable.


My travels have taken me to Marsimek La and Umling La. Both these passes of Ladakh are higher than Khardung La. I have reached these high altitude passes without any kind of back up or any motorcycle company assistance. No one else has been able to do this.


Record holder for being the first motorcyclist to reach all 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and all 7 Geographical Extremes Motorable points of Mainland India