Tree falls on 4 crore rupee Rolls Royce Phantom in Mumbai; Here’s the result

Rolls Royces are super expensive cars that only the really moneyed can afford. And these cars are built so well that more than 60 % of all Rolls Royces ever built continue to ply on roads around the world, and this includes India as well. The build quality of the Rolls Royce Phantom was put to a severe test yesterday in Mumbai, as a tree fell on it following heavy rain. Here’s the result of that incident.

Rolls Royce Tree Crash 1

As you can see in the pictures, the Rolls Royce has suffered minimal damage. The boot’s taken the impact, and has deformed. The C-pillar and the rear quarter panel have dents on them, but the structure has remained more or less intact.

Nobody was injured in this incident which happened when the car was parked by the streetside, at the Nariman Point business district at Mumbai. The vehicle could be driven off normally as the picture below indicates.

Rolls Royce Tree Crash 2 Rolls Royce Tree Crash 3

Beware of falling trees during the monsoon

  • Falling trees are very dangerous, and almost every monsoon, there’s widespread damage to life and property caused due to trees falling.
  • It’s advisable not to park cars under trees during the monsoons. Even a small branch falling from height can cause significant damage to the car, and in turn hurt occupants.
  • Make sure you have a solid insurance policy, especially if you own an expensive car.

Notably, this particular Rolls Royce belongs to Mr. Rakesh Wadhawan, the Chairman of HDIL – a billion dollar construction company based out of Mumbai. It’s a Phantom Series 1 model that’s no longer in production. It used to cost about 4 crore rupees when it was sale here.

The Phantom Series 1 used a 6.8 liter, naturally aspirated V12 petrol engine that made 453 Bhp-720 Nm. Torque transmission to the rear wheels happened through a 6 speed automatic gearbox. The car, whose production began in 2003 and carried on until 2012, is a preferred ride of the high and mighty. Amitabh Bachchan owns one and so does Chiranjeevi.

Image courtesy News_Houndz