Triple riding lockdown breakers on scooter pranked: Locked in ambulance with fake COVID patient [Video]

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a country-wide lockdown in India, which will lift up on 3rd May according to the current situation. In the lockdown, no is allowed to leave the homes unless it is absolutely necessary. Well, still there are numerous people who are coming out of their homes for no reason and the cops are finding it difficult to make them understand. This video below is a pretty good way to make the lockdown rule-breakers understand why they should stay inside the homes.

The video is from Tamil Nadu but it seems to be staged to spread awareness on the COVID-19. The video shows two police officers in uniform stopping a couple of two-wheelers on the public roads. Both the two-wheelers had three riders and all of them were without helmets and masks. In the video, the cops flag them down and ask them to stop.

After both the two-wheelers stop, the cops in uniform ask them to get off, and question them about why they were roaming about without wearing masks. A team of police then takes them to an ambulance and forces them to go inside it. The video shows that there is a fake coronavirus patient inside the ambulance and the youths who broke the rule did not want to go inside the ambulance.

The coronavirus panic spreads quite quickly, especially when an infected person is around. The video shows that the cops forcefully make them enter the ambulance and close the doors on the scared lawbreakers. At the end of the video, the lady cop gives the message on how everyone should stay inside the home during the lockdown and save themselves and stop the virus from spreading.

Triple riding lockdown breakers on scooter pranked: Locked in ambulance with fake COVID patient [Video]

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over numerous countries around the world. The respiratory virus spreads through the droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneeze. The droplets of the saliva or the mucus can also remain in the air for some time as per new reports. The virus in the droplets of the infected person can survive for hours and even days when the settle down on the plastic or metallic surfaces. A healthy person then can get infected by touching the infected parts and then touching the face or nose.

The youths looked extremely scared because they could see that the coronavirus patient was inside the ambulance. Well, several new reports from India and abroad suggest that there is an increase in the number of asymptomatic coronavirus patients. This means that these patients do not show symptom of the virus and they look healthy. However, they transmit the virus to other people who can get infected and even die due to the virus. It is only wise to remain at home as much as possible and avoid any social interaction for the time being.