Tripura man builds electric bike to practice social distancing during COVID-19 [Video]

It is said that, necessity is the mother of invention and that is what exactly Partha Saha from Tripura’s Agartala has done. Just like all of us, he is also affected by the current situation that is going on in the country right now. The whole country is undergoing a lockdown till 3 May 2020. Partha who is a local has come up with an idea and has now built an electric motorcycle that will let him ride and will also allow him to maintain social distance from the passenger to contain the spread of Corona virus.

The video has been uploaded by Nibedita Majumder on their youtube channel. The design o the motorcycle is quite basic it does not get any kind of flashy panels or gimmicks. It was built solely with an aim to maintain a safer distance between the rider and the pillion. Mr. Saha who had built this bike is not a well educated person and works at a TV repair shop. He had built this motorcycle for his daughter. He had built this motorcycle because as he did not wanted his child to use the school bus even after the lockdown lifted.

He is doing so because the bus would be crowded and as we have not found a proper vaccine for the virus the chances of spreading the same still remains. He was not ready to take that risk for his child and built this electric motorcycle. Mr. Saha brought an old bike from a scrap dealer and removed the engine completely. He then cut the whole into two portion and extended the length of the bike by welding a 3.2 feet long metal rod in between. This helped him maintain a safe distance with the pillion which is recommended by the authorities.

Tripura man builds electric bike to practice social distancing during COVID-19 [Video]

As he had removed the engine from the scrap motorcycle. He attached an electric motor to the motorcycle that delivers power to the rear wheel. The battery takes around three hours to fully charge and has range of approximately 80 kilometres. This motorcycle has suspension set up from the regular motorcycle too and is capable of doing speeds of up to 40 kmph. This motorcycle is definitely grabbing attention from people in the area and even Tripura’s CM had praised him for his work. People in India are coming up with interesting solutions to the various problems that the Corona Virus lockdown has given rise to.