Police control room spots speeding superbikers on Triumphs & Kawasakis: Gets local cops to BUST them [Video]

Just like many developed countries, the police forces in India keep on upgrading their equipment to ensure that they can catch all the illegal activities on the roads. One of the latest uses of such advanced technologies is the e-surveillance systems used by the police forces of various states in India. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and more use a network of cameras to keep an eye on the public roads through central control rooms. These control rooms get the feeds from various cameras that can be used by the cops to issue fines to the owners of the vehicle electronically. Here is a group of bikers who were enjoying a ride late in the night but were stopped by local police after they were directed by the control room.

The video by Vlogs with Ronak shows a group of superbikes riding on the streets of Mumbai late in the night. Many owners of performance bikes and cars choose to go out in the night because the traffic becomes thin and the open roads allow the bikers to enjoy the roads to the fullest. The bikers can be seen revving around on the roads and then they come to a stop due to a traffic signal.

The video recorded from the helmet camera shows cops coming towards the bikes who were waiting for the light to go green. A single cop walking towards the bikers ask a few bikers to park the bike on the side and this was the moment, the traffic signal went green and the other superbikes left the spot. A total of three riders were stopped and all of them were riding performance bikes. The Triumph Daytona 675, Kawasaki Ninja Z900 and a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R riders parked the bike on the side of the road.

The cops asked for the documents and told them that they have been directed by the control room to stop the bikes at the traffic signal. After the bikers keep on asking questions to them, the cops ask them to wait. The cops present at the check post get to know from the control room that the group of bikers were speeding and that’s why they have been stopped.

Police control room spots speeding superbikers on Triumphs & Kawasakis: Gets local cops to BUST them [Video]

The bikers were asked for the papers and driving license. One of the bikers even says that these are performance bikes and that’s why they sound so loud even at slow speeds. However, the cops insist to check the documents of the bikers. When the documents are presented, the cops issue fines to all the three bikers for speeding.

Cops have been using such surveillance for issuing e-challans to the red light signal jumpers, overspeeding, stopping, halting and even overspending. However, this is first-of-its-kind surveillance challan where the control room asked to stop the bikers and issue fines on the spot. It should be noted that many of these control rooms operate round the day, which means that even in the middle of the night, rashly driven or overspeeding vehicles can now be fined by the cops.