Triumph Motorcycles collaborates with CSS

Triumph Motorcycles India has announced that the company will continue its association with the California Superbike School for the third year in a row. California Superbike School (CSS) is a world-renowned academy for the people who want to hone their skills on superbikes.

Triumph Motorcycles collaborates with CSS

The CSS operates in 27 countries around the world and has a long following of enthusiastic riders who come every year to sharpen their skills on track and off-track. Triumph will provide motorcycles to the people who do not own a superbike. The manufacturer will have all the road-going motorcycles available for the school.

California Superbike School promotes safe riding practices. The school gives world-class training to the riders, making them adopt much more responsible riding style.

Vimal Sumbly, Managing Director Triumph Motorcycles India said “We are extremely excited to see CSS growing and motorsports gaining ground here in India. Owning a powerful bike is becoming popular in the country so it is imperative that we provision for the appropriate skill sets to keep owners safe while they make the most of their motorcycles. I personally feel this is an ideal training school for any motorcycle enthusiast because it prepares you for the track and for the street.”

TT Siddharth, avid rider and the creator of CSS here in India said “Enthusiasm among participants has been exceptionally high. We recently conducted two separate sessions both of which were completely booked. Riders personally come up to us and shared how CSS has improved their riding techniques. I would like to extend a very warm thanks to Triumph Motorcycles for supporting us in this special endeavour.”

This was the third year of California Superbike School in India. The group hosts the event at Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) in Chennai and people from all over India converge to participate in the training.