Triumph Motorcycles to launch a new motorcycle on August 24

Triumph India has announced that they will launch a new motorcycle in India on August 24. There have been many speculations about the new launch. Many reports claim that the new motorcycle can be the Street Cup or the Street Scrambler. Here is all you want to know about the new bikes that are speculated to be launched in India.

Triumph Street Cup

Triumph Motorcycles to launch a new motorcycle on August 24

The Street Cup is a cafe racer motorcycle based on the Triumph Street Twin. The motorcycle gets dual tone paint finish but the tank is similar to the Street Twin. The rest of the body panels are different and are made to follow the cafe racer design. The front headlamp gets a fly screen while the single sitter seat gets a cowl on the rear.

The Street Cup gets immaculate detailing like contrast stitches on the seat, bar-end mirrors, and body colored fly screen. The bike also gets an upswept exhaust. The engine is a 900cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin from the Street Twin that churns out a maximum power of 54 Bhp and 80 Nm of torque. The motorcycle weighs only 200 kg.

Triumph Street Scrambler

Triumph Motorcycles to launch a new motorcycle on August 24

The Street Scrambler is based on the Street Twin but it gets many changes to make it off-road friendly. There is rubber fuel tank grip pads, a split seat with optional pillion rider seat, high-rise handlebars, side mounted upswept exhaust pipes and underbody bash plate. The engine is the same 900cc motor.

The Street Scrambler gets 24 degree of rake and trail, giving it a fantastic look and better stability. The side mounted exhaust pipes are the most highlighted part of the motorcycle. The dual barrel exhaust system looks extremely good and sounds good too.

Triumph will launch the new motorcycle on 24th August. Stay tuned to know what is coming from Triumph.

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