Triumph Street Triple at 215 km/h has a NEAR MISS with a cyclist: Life-saving ABS at work [Video]

Indian roads are not the place to speed up and test the top speed of your vehicle. There are numerous examples on the Internet that are proof that speeding can kill. Nonetheless, there are many who would want to try their luck on the public roads to get the biggest number possible on the speedometer console. Why it is extremely dangerous to speed up on the Indian roads? Well, this video explains it very well.

This video is by ProShifter Agnik who was riding on the public roads. The video shows the rider starting on the Triumph Street Triple naked motorcycle going through a relatively empty highway at insanely high speeds. After the first part of the video shows the bike reaching almost 200 km/h on the roads, the second part of the video shows the hazards of speeding on the Indian roads.

The rider can be seen accelerating and breaching the 200 km/h mark. At the moment when the speedometer indicated 215 km/h, a cyclist appeared suddenly on the road in front of the Street Triple. The cyclist was crossing the road by walking. The Triumph Street Triple rider, Agnik after seeing the cyclist was quick onto his brakes. Under such panic braking situations, most non-ABS would lock-up and will throw the rider away. However, since the Triumph Street Triple offers standard ABS, the braking happened smoothly. The speed can be seen coming down suddenly and the bike can be seen coming down to around 175 km/h from 215 km/h, which is a good 40 km/h reduction in a fraction of a second.

Triumph Street Triple at 215 km/h has a NEAR MISS with a cyclist: Life-saving ABS at work [Video]

Braking so hard on any non-ABS motorcycle can easily lock up the wheels of a motorcycle. It should be noted that the Indian motor vehicle laws have made ABS compulsory for any two-wheeler that is powered by an engine that has more than 125cc of displacement. It is a lifesaver feature to have on a two-wheeler and it can save lives even at lower speeds.

Indian roads and speeding

The Indian roads are extremely uncertain, especially the uncontrolled highways where the entry and exit are not controlled. The highways in India go through populated areas likes towns and cities and these are one of the most dangerous patches. Residents of the villages and towns often cross the roads without giving much regard to the highway traffic and it can be extremely dangerous for the speeding vehicles. High-speed vehicles have less time to react and use brakes and this can cause accidents that often turn fatal. Also, hazards like stray cattle and jaywalkers are quite high in such areas.

This is why it is important to slow down on the highways before a crossroad. In general, following the speed limit on the highways and city limits ensure that your vehicle is in controllable speed. It is very important to ride within the speed limits in India. This video shows why speeding is dangerous in India.