Triumph Street Triple at 215 km/h has a NEAR MISS with a cyclist: Life-saving ABS at work [Video]

Even though one of the most prominent road warnings still remains “speed thrills but kills” but we still refuse to obey whenever there is even a small window for us to enjoy the thrill in this speed. We refuse to accept on a subconscious level that it could complete the road warning and can take yours or someone else’s life. Internet is filled with videos of all sorts of vehicles speeding up and the riders enjoying, however more often than not those videos don’t have a happy ending or even worse is a story of someone who is left by his loving kids & wife. Let’s talk about the below video that how life was just saved because of ABS and also the rider’s capability to just act on reflex.

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This video is made by ProShifter Agnik who seems to be riding on some north Indian highway. The exact location is not known to us and wasn’t even mentioned by Agnik. We see the rider mounting a beautiful red Triumph Street Triple naked motorcycle and properly gearing up for his ride. The GoPro perfectly captures the bike reaching almost the 200kmph mark and the second part of the video of why he shouldn’t have reached the mark and controlled his speed.

The rider is seen to be gradually accelerating, taking a few sharp turns to change the lane and speed up even more. It is clearly shown him breaching the 200kmph speed. At around the moment in the video, where the bike is close to 215kmph, a cyclist is seen crossing the road, walking and dragging the cycle next to him. Our rider on the Triumph Street Triple, Agnik’s reflexes and judgement of space and speed were perfect enough to save both himself and the old man, crossing the street. He put the brakes with accurate timing. However, it was also the magic of ABS in the bike. The speed can be seen rapidly decreasing to about 175kmph from 215kmph, in a fraction of a second. Anything like a 40kmph decrease in speed in a bike, speaks volumes on the engineering of the bike.

Triumph Street Triple at 215 km/h has a NEAR MISS with a cyclist: Life-saving ABS at work [Video]

Applying breaks of the kind, shown in the video above, on any non-ABS motorcycle can easily lock up the wheels. The Indian Motor Vehicle laws enforce the instalment of ABS systems in motorcycle compulsory above any engine that has anything more than 125cc of displacement. In a way, this is an element that could save lives, even when the bikes are on lower speeds.

Indian roads and speeding

There are roads that are made keeping the speed of the vehicle on it. There are roads all around the world that are just meant for that, however, India is not a country where speeding could be even relatively close to being one of them. In cities, you hear about potholes, in villages on the highways such as the one shown in the video are the most dangerous. It could actually take an innocent and extremely poor life. It could also affect the cattle or the jaywalkers, who are commonly seen crossing the roads. They have no regard of the cautions they should be taking while crossing the road and hence for the safety of those people, there are speed limits set on all roads. It’s the safest to just stick to that while driving at all times. Also, everyone has their own sense of judgement, one should also never exceed the speed that you’re not confident on.