Truck driver fined for not wearing helmet in Odisha

The incident occurred in Ganjam which is a district in Odisha. A truck driver who was going to the local Road Transportation Office or RTO to renew his driving permit got to know that he has a pending challan of driving without a helmet. The shocking bit is that the challan was pending against his truck. Yes, the challan of Rs. 1,000 was for driving the truck without a helmet.

Truck driver fined for not wearing helmet in Odisha

Upon asking, the officials at RTO were not able to give him a proper answer. Due to this, he was eventually forced to pay the Rs. 1,000 challan so that his driving permit could be renewed. This incident clearly shows the negligence of the RTO.

The name of the truck driver is Pramod Kumar Swain and he has been driving the truck for the past 3 years. The truck is used for supplying water. He said, “The government should take steps to prevent such errors,”

Truck driver fined for not wearing helmet in Odisha

This is not the first time that that such challan has been issued in our country. One of the incidents that occurred recently was when a Jawa 42 received a challan of overspeeding while it was on a flatbed being towed. Two challans were issued to the vehicle from two different locations.

This is happening because of the automated challan systems that have been placed in many places in the country. The cameras identify the speed of the vehicle and issue the challan if they are exceeding the speed limit. There have been previous incidents where the number plate of a different vehicle is captured and the challan is sent to someone else.

How to dispute wrong challans?

If you are living in Delhi, then paying the challan is as easy as raising a dispute against it. You can visit the E-challan website to pay the challan and you also get an option to raise a dispute against it if you feel something is wrong. The officials will then review your request and take further action.

One instrument that you can install in your car that might come in really handy someday is a dashcam. A dashcam is a camera that sits on your dashboard and records the footage of your view ahead. So, the footage from the dashcam can work as proof in case you need to show it to anyone.

Truck driver fined for not wearing helmet in Odisha

An incident happened where a person had to jump a red light and he was caught by the traffic police officers who tried to issue a fine of Rs. 5,000. The driver was at a busy traffic junction and was crossing the junction when the traffic light was green. However, an Innova who was on the extreme left side decided that it wants to go right and so he cuts through traffic and came in front of the driver.

This cause the driver to hold up. In the meantime, the traffic light turned red but the driver had already crossed the zebra crossing and was stranded at the junction. Due to which he was causing the traffic from the other side to slow down. So, he decided to cross the traffic light where he was stopped by the traffic officers. This is where the footage from the dashcam was incredibly useful and saved a huge challan of Rs. 5,000 for the driver. You can read the whole story in detail by clicking here.