‘Hit & Run’ truck driver chased for over 40 Kms by cops: Finally caught [Video]

The transportation sector is the lifeline of any country. There are thousands of truck drivers who cross state borders to deliver goods all around India. If you ever go on a highway, you must have noticed police barricades that are specially set-up for the truck traffic. The cops and excise departments regularly stop such trucks crossing state borders for their documents and the material that they carry. There are times when the truck drivers try to run away from such barricades for various reasons. Well, here is a dramatic video that shows a high-speed truck running away from the police in Rajasthan and finally getting caught.

Police from different police stations collaborated trying to stop the truck driver. The video shows the truck going at crazy high speed and even getting out of control after tyre burst but the driver does not stops and keeps on driving. The truck driver reportedly drove like this for 70 km like this trying to escape the police behind you.

Various videos taken by onlookers from various locations show that the left two tyres of the truck were burst and the trucker keeps on driving the vehicle at high speed. According to reports, the truck driver ran from a spot after an accident between his truck and another truck. It was a minor accident but the drivers got into a fight and called the cops to the spot. After that, Mukesh Kumar, the truck driver ran away from the spot.

‘Hit & Run’ truck driver chased for over 40 Kms by cops: Finally caught [Video]

The police suspected that the truck driver was carrying contraband or banned item and started chasing him. They even put up a barricade ahead to stop the trucker but he breaks it and keeps on speeding to avoid getting caught the police. He even drove through crowded markets at high speed and the cops even put massive tractor tyres to stop the trucker. However, he just wanted to speed away from the cops.

The even hits a tractor-trolley out of his way to escape the police. The video also says that Mukesh, the driver of the truck drove for 40 km on the rims, which caused massive damage to the roads and the truck itself. Finally, he was stopped after repeated attempts from the police and was arrested by the police. The cops set-up a massive barricade to stop the truck and finally succeeded after the truck could not move further after hitting the barricade. It is not known if he was carrying any contraband but driving like this has put many people in danger and it could have ended in a massive disaster.

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