Truck driver saves bikers from wild elephant [Video]

Wild elephants attacking vehicles and destroying crops have become very common lately. We have come across several cases where these wild creatures are often seen roaming on roads and villages near the jungle. In some cases, the elephants have also attacked people and killed some too. Most of these attacks happen when these animals are out from the jungle looking for food. We have seen several videos in the past where people have narrowly escaped elephant attacks. Here we have one such video, where a truck driver’s timely intervention actually saved the lives of two bikers.

The video has been shared by “Empowered by Feelings” on their Instagram channel. The exact location where this video was shot is not known; however, it is definitely somewhere in South India. The video has been recorded by someone who was also passing through the same road that cuts through the forest. In this video, we see a wild elephant walking towards the truck from the right side of the road. The truck driver has stopped the vehicle in such a manner that he is shielding two bikers from the elephant. The bike was on the left-hand side of the truck.

When the truck driver realized that the elephant was not going to stop and would harm the bikers, he asked both of them to climb up and sit inside the truck’s cabin. The cleaner of the truck opened the door and asked the bikers to get in. By the time both of them got off the bike and started climbing up, the elephant had already spotted them and started moving towards them. It had huge tusks and was clearly very aggressive. The elephant came very close to the truck, but by then the bikers were already in the truck’s cabin.

Truck driver saves bikers from wild elephant [Video]
Elephant running toward bikers

The elephant did see the bike parked next to the truck; however, it did not attack and destroy it. The elephant did not attack the truck either. After this, the elephant continued to walk forward towards the direction where the cameraman was recording. It is not clear whether the elephant attacked the vehicle in which the person was recording the video or simply walked into the jungle. The timely intervention by the truck driver is what actually saved the lives of the bikers. If they had not climbed up inside the truck cabin, the elephant might have actually attacked or injured them. The bikers were extremely lucky in this case.

The truck driver also parked the vehicle in such a manner that the elephant could not see them. However, these animals do have a great sense of smell, and it might have detected the presence of people behind the truck. It is also possible that the elephant might have noticed the sound of the truck’s door opening, and it might have walked to check this section. This is not the first time we have come across an incident like this. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, it is better to take cover like the bikers did. Avoid traveling through these roads at night, but if you do, ensure that you simply stop and turn the headlights of your vehicle off. Bright lights and loud music often scare these animals, and they might end up attacking you.