Truck driver speeds away with toll official for 15 kilometres: Police stop truck, arrest driver [Video]

We definitely get to see some of the most bizarre incidents on the roads. A few months ago we saw theft from a moving truck on a highway. This time, a trucker sped away with a toll official to avoid paying toll charges. The video of the toll booth official hanging for his dear life has become viral on the Internet.

The video is from the Nandyal district of Andhra Pradesh. In the video, we can see a toll booth official hanging in the front of the truck while the driver shows no intention of slowing down or stopping. The video is made by a fellow motorist travelling on the same road.

According to the information available, the toll booth operator climbed on the bumper to reach the Fastag of the vehicle. Since the RFID reader of the toll booth was not working, the official climbed with a manual reader to scan the tag. However, the truck driver sped away from the toll booth with the official hanging in front of him.

Truck driver speeds away with toll official for 15 kilometres: Police stop truck, arrest driver [Video]

The trucker drove the heavy vehicle for kilometres before stopping. The toll booth officials informed the police who laid a trap and stopped the truck driver.

The police arrested the truck driver soon after stopping the vehicle. The truck driver said that he escaped avoiding paying the toll.

Even cops not spared

In the past, car owners have carried cops in a similar fashion on the bonnet of their vehicles. Car owners take the cops for a ride to avoid paying the challan. There have been multiple instances of the same and the police have booked these rouge drivers as well.

Almost all the police teams in India are equipped with wireless units that can be used to ensure that such vehicles can be stopped by the cops deployed ahead. Running away from the cops certainly means that you have done something wrong. Even the government is taking steps to streamline the process of issuing fines and challans. Most police officers simply click a picture of the violation and send the challan online. It is a much bigger crime to run away from the police officers when asked to stop for any reason.

The government of India has already announced that it will do away with the Fastags and will replace these RFID tags with a GPS-enabled toll collection system. The GPS-enabled systems ensure that the owners pay the amount on a pro-rata basis. This means if you drive for 5km on a highway, you will need to pay only for the 5 km stretch.

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