Truck driver’s presence of mind saves lives of careless bikers on Hero Splendor [Video]

We have written many times that Indian roads are full of surprises. This has been proven true in the past as we have seen several videos on the internet. Driving on Indian roads is challenging and if you are driving a heavy vehicle like a truck or lorry, you have to be cautious as stopping a large truck requires much more effort than a car or a bike. We have seen some videos where people crash vehicles into trucks and blame the truck driver for rash driving. Just like cars, truck drivers have also started installing dash cams and here we have a footage that shows how the presence of mind of two truck drivers saved the lives of careless bikers.

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on their YouTube channel. The video was actually recorded in the dash cam placed inside a truck. The exact location where this incident happened is not mentioned in the video. The truck however is registered in Kerala. The accident took place somewhere outside the state. When the video starts, we can see two trucks being driven on a highway and they were both carrying good speed. The truck recording the video was right behind another truck. The 4-lane highway has a slight right curve and there is another road joining the highway from the left too.

Truck driver’s presence of mind saves lives of careless bikers on Hero Splendor [Video]

As the first truck reaches the intersection, the driver suddenly steers the truck to the opposite lane. The driver of the truck with the dash cam applies brake as he has no idea what is happening in front of the other truck. As soon as the first truck moves away from the road, the second truck driver realises that there is a bike in the middle of the road that was trying to cross and go to the other side. The truck driver was applying brakes hard and surprisingly, the truck did stop right before hitting the motorcycles. The biker and pillion were all safe. If you look at the footage, you can see that the biker was riding the bike quite rashly and he attempted to cross the highway even without looking at the traffic. The biker and pillion were lucky enough to walk away without any injuries at all.

In this case, it was the biker who was at fault. If the driver had not applied brakes on time, there were chances that both of them would have been seriously injured. The biker and the pillion was also not wearing any riding helmet. Both drivers were extremely skillful and they managed to avert a major accident with their presence of mind. If the first truck driver had not steered the truck away, the second would not have had enough space to come to a stop and it would easily damage both trucks and injured the drivers and bikers. This video is a perfect example on how one should not cross a road and also how important the presence of mind is while driving such heavy vehicles.