Truck falls on Hyundai Creta: SUV driver survives [Video]

Driving on Indian roads is a dangerous task. While the condition of roads is improving in various parts of the country, we are also witnessing a rise in the number of rash driving cases. Such incidents of careless or rash driving have caused accidents. Additionally, there is always a risk of encountering cattle, stray dogs, jaywalkers, and even people driving on the wrong side of the road in India. There have been numerous cases where people have lost their lives in road accidents. Here, we have a video that shows how a man miraculously escaped an accident after a truck fell on his Hyundai Creta SUV.

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The accident occurred in the Solan region of Himachal Pradesh. According to the video, a truck loaded with charcoal fell onto a Hyundai Creta. The exact details of the crash are currently unavailable. The video does not show how the accident happened; it only displays a truck that has fallen on one side of the road. Himachal Pradesh is a state with mountains, and many roads in this region are narrow and have hairpin curves. The video mentions that the truck driver is at fault. The truck carrying charcoal was being driven recklessly and at an excessive speed.

When the truck approached a turn, the driver of this fully loaded truck could not slow it down, and due to the weight of the goods it was carrying, the truck tilted to the right-hand side. All of this must have happened within a matter of seconds. This is just an assumption of what might have occurred at the scene. When the truck tilted, the Hyundai Creta, along with the driver, became trapped under the truck.

Truck falls on Hyundai Creta: SUV driver survives [Video]
Truck fell over Hyundai Creta

From the pictures, it is evident that the Hyundai Creta was completely crushed under the truck. Due to the weight of the goods behind the truck, the roof of the SUV completely collapsed, with only the rear wheel visible outside. The truck was lifted using a heavy-duty crane, and when they did that, they found the driver of the Hyundai Creta alive. The driver had been trapped between the SUV and the truck for at least 3 hours. The person miraculously survived the accident. As for the SUV, it was completely destroyed in the accident, with the front bumper flying away after the crash.

There is another truck next to the truck that fell on the Hyundai Creta. It is not clear whether this truck was also a cause of the accident or if the truck simply collided with the other truck before falling over. People driving heavy vehicles like this should be extra careful. They should not drive recklessly, as it is extremely difficult to maintain control over such a vehicle, especially when carrying a load. If you ever find yourself behind a heavy vehicle, always maintain a safe distance and wait for hand signals from the truck driver before attempting to overtake. If you are driving at night, ensure that you use your pass lights while making an overtaking maneuver and verify that the truck driver has seen your vehicle.